Formerly know as Flatbroke Status, Overdraft was founded in the tail end of 2011 by 2 friends Ben Cuppage and Matt Klinck. The website was created to highlight those who put their money into their cars, trucks or motorcycles and are broke because of it. It was also created to show love and respect to the people who pour their time, sweat, and tears into something most people consider just a vehicle. Ben and Matt feel that without the owners and their stories the cars would only be seen as just a vehicle.

Overdraft is not just low budget builds it’s about individually and personality. No matter how large or small your build may be anyone can live the Overdraft mentality. Overdraft is a mindset in a sense: Always keep your heart in the game. Be true to yourself and what you like no matter what the cost.

“Cars with personality” is something Ben once said and it has stuck since then. If you put yourself and your personality into a car and its something you are proud of then this site might be right for you.


Our Crew’s Strict guidelines

  1. Have fun, or don’t do it at all. Seriously.
  2. No Deadlines. Take your time, do not rush ANY article

If you don’t want to write an article then don’t, we’d rather stay passionate about what we’re writing then forcing out content for the masses. When you WANT to write an article it ALWAYS ends up way better than forced content.

This goes for taking photos as well, don’t take a photo you know you won’t use / takigng one just because. It’s a waste of your time, decreases your mood, and that ain’t cool. If you didn’t enjoy taking the photo chances are it will suck. No offense.

We have a new category: Auto Life

Here’s what it’s all about

  • Get back to the roots of what car culture used to be
  • Keep your camera on you if you can, (like in your car) so you can snap a photo at ANY time, in case you meet someone in a parking lot, on the streets, a garage etc. Where you know, real car enthusiasts spend their time
  • Write anything you want. ANYTHING. if you want to write one sentence and post a neat stand-a-lone photo, do it. Categorize it as ‘Auto Life’
  • If you want to do a multi part article, do it, an article purely on neat wheels, do it, there is no limit, we are limitbreakers
  • Treat it as your own personal blog as such, you’re documenting the ‘automotive lifestyle’ through your ‘eyes’ (lens). Sharing you’re experiences with the world, REAL experiences
  • Photos of people are perfect as well, real people who are living the automotive lifestyle, eg. Jover
  • Motorcycles, Trucks, Transport trucks, vans, cars, anything with wheels are acceptable candidates
  • Try creative editing, collaging, OR don’t. whatever drives you.
  • Use your own voice, write in your own way, use your opinions, but NEVER put down someone’s ride or style, the beauty of automotive culture is in the unique individuals, keep things as positive

If you’re interested in becoming an active member for Overdraft send us some samples of your photography and writing at

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Thanks from the Overdraft Crew