You’re driving down a road you’ve taken a thousand times before and notice something different. A sexy looking modified car...

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Brap Brap Bitches

The Wankel Rotary Engine. Some love it, some fear it, and some just straight up don’t understand it. People love...

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A Car That Mirrors The Builder

The way that one chooses to build their car – everything from their choice of power plant to each individual part choice – speaks...

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The Need For Speed

Speed. There’s just something about going as fast as you possibly can, pushing you and your car harder and harder...

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Dylan Sharpe Racing: A Tale of Two Silvias

With more and more Japanese cars becoming available for import in Canada, it was inevitable that the Nissan S15 would...

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The Show Stopper: Matt’s Skyline R32

A few months ago, I was exploring a local abandoned POW Camp, walking down the somewhat rural road when I...

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