I’ve always been fascinated with loud engines and cool cars since I was very young. My father is and always will be a bike guy so naturally he tried to get me to follow his footsteps very young. It didn’t pan out how he thought it would but I still owe a lot of my interesting in cars to him. Car shows and modified truck pulls fill my early childhood photo albums thanks to my dad. Video games also gave me a big push towards the tuner crowd. Need For Speed 3, Street Racing Syndicate, and Need For Speed Underground 1 & 2 were heavily responsible for my love of tuner cars. These were the games that let my creativity fly in terms of styling and making a car I could only dream of having one day.I was a lucky to stumble on an 1995 240sx prior to the 15 year waiting period for importing an S14 Silvia. Suzy became my first official car and sat in my driveway before I even finished getting my license. The mod bug didn’t bite me however until I took out a student loan to achieve boost in the form of a 2004 WRX. So the winter weapon 1990 Celica GTS was sold as well as my first car (something everyone always regrets selling) to help pay off the new kid in town as well as the carbon hood and wheels I picked up within the first month. The WRX named Chloe then stuck around for just over four years. Now I’m back to dueling cars, storing one for winter while the other plays about in the white stuff and is used for lengthy road trips. There are always plans in the works when you have a car but nothings in stone yet, I do however miss boost…

Matt and I started Overdraft back in 2011, debuting as Flatbroke Status. The original concept of the website was a means for us to highlight cars within our local community that wouldn’t necessarily be chosen for a magazine shoot. To showcase owners and their cars who put all their time, sweat, and money into their cars. We never expected to end up where we are now, nor did we expect to meet the amazing people we’ve met on this journey. The moment we knew we were doing something right was when we got into DMCC at Mosport as Media.

Fast forward 4 years and now we’re media partners with Formula Drift Canada. Tell that to the old me back when we started out and I’d laugh at you. We also chose wordpress just cuz we heard it was fairly simple to use, nowadays it’s all we’re using at work. I’ve been behind our brand design since the start, alongside Matt’s suggestions and approval and I’m excited to carry it and the website further throughout the years to come. We haven’t been around that long but we’ve already seen websites, facebook pages, etc come and go. Too be honest, I don’t think I could ever fully drop our website. It has just become apart of my life, and until I can no longer drive, I’ll always be apart of the automotive lifestyle. I’ll still be documenting cars and people I think should be recognized around Canada and wherever else I may go.


1988 Mazda RX-7 GXL


  • Powered by Doritos
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Enkei Ev5s
  • Momo fixed buckets
  • Grip Royal Wheel with sparco quick release



2004 Subaru Impreza TS Wagon


  • Workhouse/Roadtripmobile
  • Custom paint yo
  • Asymmetrical Fog lights
  • Truck lights