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At a local hamburger joint called Webers in Orillia 300 or so classic cars meet up and enjoy the end of summer by communing with fellow automotive enthusiasts. I got wind of the car shows through one of my brother’s friends at his work. Being that my car was actually mobile at the time I figured I could bring an 88 RX7 out to semi-fit in with some other classic cars.


A first I was hesitant as my car is no show car at all. The paint is long gone and rust has shown it’s ugly face on more than a few places on the body, but I went anyways. I dragged my brother out to the first meet and even a non-car guy like himself had a good time. The best part of Hot August Nights was the sense of unity. Never have I been to a meet that you’d see a classic showroom condition hot rod next to a Nissan 370z. I’ve been to car show that catered both imports and domestics but in different halls and generally if you were an import guy you were talking to other import guys in and around import cars. Here in the grass lot across from Webers everyone was just a ‘car guy’ (or gal). It was refreshing to finally see, as the internet still likes to keep us two at war.


I see it like most Hot August Night attendees did, we all like cars so why can’t we all just ‘talk cars’?



The field was littered with so much variety you had to make a few passes to make sure you didn’t miss anything. However, the variety of cars weren’t the only thing, ages differed as well. You had younger people mingling and learning from their seniors, parents with kids who couldn’t even walk yet, and even family pets attended as well!

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I hope other car meets can take a page from Hot August Nights mentality: that we are all the same, regardless of age, preferences or history. Make sure not to miss it next year as I’m sure it’ll only get bigger and better. There’s a lot of space left in those fields even with 300+ cars.



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