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The past year I haven’t done a ton of shooting, writing, or really anything to do with the automotive scene anymore. I’m not sure if I lost my motivation or just got really busy with life – maybe it’s a little bit of both.

A few weeks ago, I heard about an event floating around – D1SP. It was held on the skidpad at Shannonville but promised fun, cool cars, and a good atmosphere.


Why had no one heard of the event? It was slated as invite only. You might still be asking why at this point. The idea wasn’t just to make it super selective – anyone can apply to join, but a certain caliber of car is needed.


The idea was to push more people to put some quality and effort into their drift cars. The scene has struggled a lot in the past few years with the cars we see out on the track, and this small group aimed to push for a super fun, relaxed event with a good atmosphere, but to add some flair and style to drifting again.


The result has been two absolutely awesome events so far. While still a small group, there have been different and new people each time, some with cars I had never seen at any other drift event before. The group spends a little time each morning setting out a fun course on the skid pad that can be fun and challenging for everyone, as well as being able to run it in a backwards rotation.


By the afternoon everyone was more than comfortable on the course and the driving was really pushed – trying out two and three car tandems that were a blast to watch.


The event is already making some moves – Zachary drove up from New York to hang out, bringing in a sweet R32 Sedan.



I don’t think a single person had a bad thing to say. Mike came out with his usual 1JZ E46, with a freshly installed motor just a night or two before. Despite having some little issues that stopped him from driving for a few hours, I don’t think the guy stopped smiling once. He embraces the spirit of drifting so well and makes every event he attends a fun one.


Want to come out and hang with some cool cars, fun people and have a really good time? Give them out a shout on the D1SP page on Facebook with some photos of your car. If your car isn’t quite up to spec, push yourself to bring it up there and join in on the fun!


It’s also letting me get back to pushing myself with photos a bit more – Santi and I were playing with shutter speeds down to 1/20th of a second and having a ton of fun with it.

Looking forward to many more of these events in the future! Now that life has eased the load of school work for a bit, I’m hoping to attend a few more events this summer. Stay tuned for some more posts! In the mean time check out some more photos from the event below.

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