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It seems spring has never fully arrived in Ontario until TOPP Drift hosts its first event of the year, dubbed Springbash.


You can feel the excitement on social feeds building when approaching the weekend of the event. Individuals rush to complete their cars for the season opener or just re-post memories from years prior. The drifting spirit is waking up.

Almost every year that I can remember Springbash turns into a mudbash. The thawing ground and moisture leftover from the snow causes the infield to get sticky and cause issues.

It must have been international red flag day, as during the short time I was out shooting on the track I maybe saw a consistent 10-15 minutes of drifting.

You could have also told me Springbash was sponsored by BMW and I wouldn’t have questioned it. There’s definitely been an influx in them out on the track. I blame the Moneygang Crew ;) Either way it’s awesome to see more interest in the sport, just make sure your car is up to snuff and your driving skills match.


I’ve slowly been slipping away from photography at TOPP Events. Truthfully having attended so many as a photographer I haven’t felt the same spark as I used to. I’ll definitely still be shooting more TOPP Events here and there but I’m hoping to get my RX7 out there to play with the cars I’ve been shooting for so long.

At Springbash I brought my daily out to the skid pad and was super happy I did. I can’t believe the amount of IS300s at the track as well. It’s like everyone went out and grabbed one when I did. It’s super cool though and now I can talk with others about what modifications to tackle next (if I plan on tracking it more). I actually met a few owners that day already. You gotta love the automotive community.

I’ve said it in a TOPP article before but I’ll say it again: If you are drifting for the first time, or aren’t an incredibly confident driver, please hit the skid pad first. Hit it over and over again until you get a feel for your car. Nothing is more upsetting and dangerous than having someone out on the track who is continually spinning out, slow, or not consistent with their driving style. You don’t want to be known as the guy in the red BMW spinning out at every corner. Yeah, the track is cool, gets 85% of the media exposure and is more exciting but it’s a lot better when there isn’t a red flag every five minutes. It’s frustrating for other drivers and lessens the experience for the spectator.

springbash2017-fix springbash2017-jover1 springbash2017-keepup springbash2017-mikey
Springbash is an important event because it gets everyone excited about drifting again. It brings out old friends and new ones. It gives us that kick in the pants to get our builds finished and get back out there. It might not be the best TOPP Event to spectate because of the mud and downtime but it’s definitely one you shouldn’t miss out on. The good thing is, if you did, there is a bunch more to attend including the annual fiesta: Boonies Bash.

p.s. Sorry not sorry about the lack of photos from this event. I only attended the Saturday and spent the majority of the day at the skidpad.

Mark your calendars

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