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Overdraft was originally created to highlight our local automotive talent. Throughout the years we’ve jumped from event to event and got to witness and take part of a variety of different automotive cliques. Matt wrote an article way back that was about him checking out the local muscle and classic car meet across the road from our old work. Other than that we haven’t really had anything of that nature on our site. I figured it was finally time for me to check out an event that was on my list for the past two years.

jalopy-jam-up-19 jalopy-jam-up-13Jalopy Jam Up. A hot rod/rat rod/classic car show that is held in a makeshift ghost town out in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say, this was a very unique and cool experience.

I figured rolling up to this type of event in a Lexus would be pretty lame, so a buddy of mine got me a seat in an old ’35 Ford Tudor, while him and his Pops went down in a ’34 Ford Coupe. This thing is everything you’d expect a rat rod to be. The underlying theme: it’s loud. The engine, loud. The driveline, loud. The lexan windows, loud. I want one.

jalopy-jam-up-7 jalopy-jam-up-12 jalopy-jam-up-30
Rat Rods and Hot Rods are different breed of automotive culture. Unlike the meets/events we usually attend, most of these guys only bring out their toys for a weekend here and there. So you know it’s going to be a good time when that happens and you are bound to see some unique stuff. You can see the admiration they have for these cars and the respect they have for each other’s work. We were there for a few hours and I can’t think of a single instance where I heard a negative comment, or someone bashing someone’s work. Everyone was mostly just hanging out, looking at some shiny and not so shiny cars, getting some sun, and having a good time. What a car show should be. I’m getting tired of this internet age of keyboard warriors and put downs. I’ve said it too many times to count but build your car for yourself. Find a chassis that speaks to you and stay with it.

jalopy-jam-up-80 jalopy-jam-up-63 jalopy-jam-up-48
There is probably an infinite amount of things I could be saying along with these photos but to be honest I haven’t spent enough time around these beasts to know what I’m talking about confidently.

jalopy-jam-up-77 jalopy-jam-up-25 jalopy-jam-up-37
The venue definitely added to the event, there were even a few people dressed up in period correct clothing. Was the ’35 Tudor actually a DeLorean in disguise? The large saloon in the middle is where most of the party was going on. They had live music for people to enjoy, or if that’s not your thing you can sit outside the saloon and just watch the cars roll in throughout the day. Maybe you’d fancy a cut and shave?

jalopy-jam-up-56 jalopy-jam-up-57 jalopy-jam-up-65If I had to pick an import style event that had a similar vibe to Jalopy Jam Up, I’d probably pick the Fitted Lifestyle Events. In fact if I remember correctly they had a hairdresser there as well haha. It shares a similar aspect to me which I think works well, it’s a hybrid of a standard meet up / show and shine which featured entries. Something you can drive your work in progress car and still have it get a few looks in the parking lot.

jalopy-jam-up-55 jalopy-jam-up-3 jalopy-jam-up-78 jalopy-jam-up-1All in all, I’m super glad I attended the event this year. It seems I’ve been subconsciously been hunting for variety and now I can add a hot rod event to my 2016 tour.

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