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So I’ve been driving around like a nut trying to do as much as I can this summer. Whether it be experiencing new events or just hanging out with friends I don’t usually get to see, my summer is booked solid. Honestly if it wasn’t for google calendar I’d have been lost in June. Well, even if you only know a tiny bit about the drift community in Ontario, you know that you don’t miss out on TOPP Drift’s Boonies Bash.



boonies-bash-2016-53I haven’t missed one yet and I wasn’t going to let my busy calendar engulf the whole event. I missed out on what the core of Boonies really is but it was still nice to see some friends and some nicely built cars. I don’t want to jinx it but I think I can see the end of the drift missile era, thank goodness. Most the cars out there had all their panels and or bash bars. I think I only really saw two or three cars rolling on stock suspension. People are either stepping their game up or decided to not flood the field with ye old wrecks. Aside from a few mini accidents and a rollover (what’s a Boonies without a roll over?) it looked like it ran really well. They had both tracks open all weekend so people could run the Nelson layout or Fabi layout. This looked dope but unfortunately is a very long trek for a photographer and Nelson is just nicer to shoot anyways. I had fun, and I made sure to get my traditional Boonies Bash sunburn.


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