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This summer has so far been a wild one for me, but has limited a lot of my time for coming out to the track, or even shooting car photos in general. My camera was practically dusty since the last time I took it out was for the first round of TOPP this year. Boonies Bash isn’t something anyone can miss though.

BooniesBask2k16-SS-32It’s really cool seeing that people are starting to go the distance for what is probably the best event of the summer. Reese Marin travelled up from the States and made this a stop on his Ride the Wave tour. I’m really hoping this means some other cool people will start making the trip up!


What I really enjoyed were the tandems though. There were a lot more people teaming up and having a fun time out there together, rather than just trying to do their own thing. It was cool to see the entire Money Gang throwing down together as well. Kristoff might have the slowest of the BMW’s, but it didn’t stop him from getting door to door with his team mates. Just really drills the point home that you don’t need massive amounts of horsepower to party!

BooniesBask2k16-SS-24Another person I was really excited to see out there was Jordan Demetroff. This car used to be a cool street car and in just a matter of one winter he’s transformed it into a tire slaying machine, but keep with the cool style that people bring to E30s. He could bring this to a car show and it would fit in fine, then kill a few sets of tires after no problem.

BooniesBask2k16-SS-48 BooniesBask2k16-SS-36Overall, the weekend was a huge blast, and I think everyone had a great time. I won’t waste too much time on words – here’s some photos from the weekend!






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