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Formula Drift hits up St. Eustache for the first time in the US Series as an official points round. The Autodrome has hosted a few FD World rounds already but this is the first time there has been an event that holds as much weight as this one did. Since it was a main stop in the US Series every driver who was gunning for the championship was out with bells on.

So Canada got to see some of those fancy drivers we’ve only seen on the interwebs. Mad Mike, Geoff Stoneback, Chris Forsberg, Ryan Tuerk, Vaughn Gittin Jr, those kind of bad boys. Something that has always been exciting to witness at The Canadian House of Drift is the crowd. This time was no different. I haven’t arrived to an event this late in the morning before but holy shit was parking full. There were overflow lots at nearby businesses and even those were packed. Cars, tents, trailers everywhere. All varying level of bleachers were booked out completely, starting with the most expensive seats. They would sit you above the entrance to track which I’d image would be a pretty stellar way to spend the weekend. Hearing the rumble of the cars as they entered under you and for the most part when a competitor won and or lost their round they would do a victory/final burnout for the stands.

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When the opening ceremonies began everyone in the stands were on their feet for the drift heroes and their war machines. It was awesome to see how the crowd was getting the drivers even more amped up for the competition ahead. Throughout the top 32 there were a few really good battles and one more times. Forrest Wang and Odi Bakchis had one of the more memorable ones of the night when Forrest lost his drift wang to the outer wall. Not going to lie, I was pretty stoked when I looked down after it happened.


Watching these guys compete in person it’s easy to see how they are the best in the biz when it comes to this motorsport in North America. They are freakishly fast. I honestly couldn’t get over how fast they are and how close their tandems are in person. At initiation they’re at the leaders doors. They initiation beside the lead car and I’d say 80% of the runs they’re there for the rest of it.

I love having the opportunity to photograph these events and witness this all first hand. It truly is an honour and I thank those who have helped me get into these events. At some points I almost feel jealous for those sitting in their seats however because they can just sit back and enjoy a wicked show without having to worry about getting a shot here, or having your settings right, panning properly etc. They get to just enjoy the awesomeness that is Formula Drift. And believe me, it is awesome.


Hope you enjoy the photos, share them with your frands etc. Tag @overdraftautolife on instagram and facebook. Again, thank you to FD Canada for having Overdraft as a Media Sponsor as well as Formula Drift for getting me into this event.

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