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This is a public service announcement for the entire automotive community. Things have been changing the last couple years and they haven’t been for the better. It’s time to smarten up.

It comes down to primarily one thing: Respect.
The fact is respect is at an all time low lately. I don’t know where the blame is, or what the cause is, nor do I really care. Just check yourself at the gate and stop being a disrespectful, ungrateful individual. The problem isn’t just inside the gate either.

On the way to Cayuga there was an influx of dangerous driving maneuvers on the road. It’s a pretty simple concept: Don’t drive like a complete asshat and we can still continue to have automotive events. ‘Oh! The Cops are hanging outside the venue. They’re such a drag, I really hate those guys, they are just here to ruin our day!’ No. They are here because of you and your friends trying to act a fool on the way to the event whipping in and out of the lineup so you can be a whole 30 seconds ahead of the rest of the line. Yeah, real smart guys. Was it worth it?

Once you step into the event you’d hope it would be better. There are people working their sweaty ass off all day to put on a good show. So if there is a hiccup or a break on the track, don’t whine about it. Go look at a car or something. Remember that a lot of people are volunteering their own time here.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the newer generation of automotive enthusiast but the fact that you think you’re hot shit has got to end. You’re not. I was so ticked off that I had to walk away from the crowd at one point on the weekend because some disrespectful kid was straight up mocking the announcers commentating the drifting competition. I honestly can’t get over how rude some people are these days. We’re all here to please YOU, remember? These people are donating their weekends off to come put on a show for YOU to enjoy. So please tell me again how this isn’t meeting your standards?

It neared the end of the day for me and as I walked to my car I couldn’t help but notice what a dump the place had become. I guess people’s legs stop working when they realize they have to walk ALL THE WAY OVER THERE to throw out some garbage. Seriously, it’s one simple task you’ve been taught since kindergarten. Throughout the day I even noticed bags and other garbage blowing onto the track considering it was quite a windy Sunday. It’s mind boggling how lazy people have become.

Next time you go to any kind of automotive event, check your attitude at the doors. One rotten apple can spoil the bunch unfortunately when it comes to car meets and track etiquette. So grow the fuck up, strive to be a better person, and respect the organizers, participants, the venue, and other spectators.

You have the power to save our automotive culture. So step up.

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