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Canadian Sport Compact Series hits TMP Cayuga for the first time this year and it definitely brought all the boys to the yard. Like always at this venue it was packed and luckily we got a few more drifters entered than Round 1 so we got our Great Eight. For the tandem practice all the drivers looked awesome. When it came down to qualifying runs and top 8 battles the pressure must have got to a few of them as we had a couple of passes. Scott was out there for the first time competing in his AE86. He was putting down some clean runs for his first ever competition and did pretty well until he was put against the smoke machine known as the Beardsmith.  All in all it was a good show, I just wish our crummy Ontarian crowd would smarten up. They like to line up and watch but it seems no one really gets into it. Kudos to Dan and Lisa for stepping up and announcing the Drift event.

cscs-round2-27 cscs-round2-80 cscs-round2-92 cscs-round2-36 cscs-round2-35 cscs-round2-88 cscs-round2-85 cscs-round2-105 cscs-round2-30 cscs-round2-86They had a few interesting cars in the show and shine at the event. There were a few that snuck into the show and I have no idea how they were allowed to use some valuable show car parking space. Must be a pay to VIP park kind of mentality as I saw a car that was put together with colour matching tape. TAPE! But anyways I took photos of the pretty ones for you.

cscs-round2-19 cscs-round2-2 cscs-round2-11 cscs-round2-3 cscs-round2-12 cscs-round2-18 cscs-round2-87

Time attack was a good time as usual at a CSCS event. I’m a little biased to the Mild 2 Wild crew so don’t mind a few extra photos there of that team. They got a cake as Debbie and Amanda’s birthdays were close together. Nothing like cake at a racetrack! (freezies come close). Beginning to see a pattern at these events this year as Kyle took home second in his division and Vince nabbed first again in unlimited RWD. There was definitely some cool vehicles out there on the track at TMP.

cscs-round2-23 cscs-round2-51 cscs-round2-42 cscs-round2-49 cscs-round2-62 cscs-round2-67 cscs-round2-37 cscs-round2-44 cscs-round2-99 cscs-round2-52 cscs-round2-96 cscs-round2-98cscs-round2-60

The best part of the day was this fox man lighting it up in terms of good vibes. Anthony was getting asked to pose with people all day. It was awesome to see and he was stoked on doing it, just for the heck of it. Just having a good time and trying to get people more excited about the event. I’ll say it again, CSCS mascot? Some people take things too seriously, if it ain’t fun, then it ain’t worth doing.

cscs-round2-63 cscs-round2-102

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