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I still can’t believe Formula Drift Canada came to what essentially is my backyard. After years of traveling to Quebec for FD Canada Events they announced a Ontario Venue. This was the greatest thing ever. I’d be arriving at the track in under an hour.


fdcanada-sunset-29Despite Sunset Speedway being so close to me, I actually only ever watched racing at this track once when I was very little. Up until not too long ago there was a closer speedway to us so we would always just go there. It was actually what my family would do for my birthday every year, fill the van full of my friends and go down the street to watch some thundercars.

Well it wasn’t my birthday but I still managed to get the family to come and witness Formula Drift first hand. Seeing as every other FD event is a minimum six hour drive, this was epic to say the least… Yet I was still almost late to the media meeting, haha!


fdcanada-sunset-56My dad and I would attend DMCC when it used to tour Ontario so he already understood the premise to drifting. My mom however was completely new to the concept. I’m hoping there were others in the grandstands that were completely new as well. It’s so fun to see the reactions of people who have never witnessed drifting competitions before.

fdcanada-sunset-36fdcanada-sunset-73The venue was awesome, I’m still really stoked about it. The high banks and the fact they were able to utilize even more of the track by including pit lane was neat too. I’m going to bold this next sentence to reinforce what I am about to say. We gotta make friends with the track owner and get weekly drift nights here like they do in St.Eustache.

Just think of the convenience and ability to hone your skills if they set up a few different layouts and form a line for individual runs. You’d Complete a run then return to the back of the line, or pits if need be. Something organized and fair to let everyone make a pass without worry of slowing someone down or running someone over. Needs to happen local frands, just sayin.

fdcanada-sunset-2fdcanada-sunset-5The FD Canada fleet is super impressive this year. All the cars competing look amazing and well put together, it’s no wonder Formula Drift is the top tier of drifting events in North America. The local boys were looking super sharp out there as well. Steve qualified 6th, his personal highest in FD Canada, so we were pretty stoked to cheer him on in the top 16.

fdcanada-sunset-11fdcanada-sunset-7  Throughout the event the FD Canada announcers mentioned repeatedly how they think they found their Ontario stop and I hope this stays true. Like I said earlier I can see the potential this track could have and they must have seen it too. I had a blast taking photos at this track so please take the time to browse through all of them. Share em all over just make sure to tag us in the photos. I don’t have much more to say other than: you have to get out and experience Formula Drift in the flesh, you’ll have a blast I promise you. Bring the whole posse with you.

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