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Passion. It’s something you can’t really teach. It’s something you can’t really just go out and learn. It’s just happens. However everyone has something they are passionate about (if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll discover it soon). But the coolest thing about passion is that you can see it in others. When they’re in the moment, doing what it is they are driven to do, you can see it. It may not be your passion but you automatically respect them for striving towards this goal. Being the best part of themselves and enjoying every moment.

gridlife-2016-18 gridlife-2016-121gridlife-2016-33The Mild 2 Wild Racing team has this wildfire in their hearts. The amount of work and free time they spend prepping and building these wicked machines is maddening. Not to mention the amount of money required to run these cars is just as crazy. However as I mentioned in my Gridlife coverage, this holds no weight. Passion outweighs it all. Vince has been asked multiple times why does time attack. I can’t quote him verbatim but it was along the lines of “It’s what I love doing”. In the end that’s really what matters, find what makes you excited to get up in the morning and hold onto it.

gridlife-2016-44 gridlife-2016-41 gridlife-2016-4The M2W Crew are always pushing their cars to the limit and with multiple first place finishes under their belt I’d say it’s working. They managed to grab first at Gridlife under the unlimited RWD category with a time of 1:35.779. Second place was a whole two seconds behind. Just ask them about any of their other wins and you’ll see there’s something else in the mix than just a great looking S14. Road Atlanta they struggled with gearbox issues and still pulled out a win. With that same funky gearbox they managed another win at the CSCS finale at TMP.

gridlife-2016-7 gridlife-2016-2 gridlife-2016-24So clearly the driver is mostly responsible for the results. You can bring the fastest car to the track but if you can’t drive it to it’s potential then it’s pointless. Mild 2 Wild is constantly looking for ways to improve their time and vehicles. As the crew chief Amanda get’s some carbon fiber skills under her belt the beast before you will be going under a strict diet. The trunk and doors will be the first to switch over but I’m sure more will follow. Vince has aero on the brain but doesn’t want to piece it together one bit at a time. So when this bull gets it’s wings, you better believe it’ll be a wicked sight.

gridlife-2016-45 gridlife-2016-49 gridlife-2016-52This is where the time attack kingpins dwell. You can have all the horsepower in the world but if you can’t get that power to the ground effectively then it’s a waste. Not to mention a lot of these small tracks won’t give you enough room to get up to speed so a different tactic must be taken. There are so many variables if you get into it, and M2W are absolutely into it. After each run Amanda and Matt would measure the temperature of each tire, air pressure and document it on a chart for review. We attempted a nascar style pit stop for fuel on one run but since the sessions are so short it was all for naught. Fun though.

gridlife-2016-330And that’s it, fun. If you’re passionate about something it’s going to be fun and if you’re not having fun then why are you doing it? So keep it fun. Mild 2 Wild Racing is a competitive time attack team with 3 cars in their lineup. They’re driven to set the fastest lap times they can and are always looking for new ways to improve their results. All the while having fun and enjoying every track day. Look at it this way: in the end it doesn’t matter what you drive, it’s what drives you.


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