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“It’s just a car.”
If you’re an automotive enthusiast then you’ve probably heard that phrase a fair amount of times in your life already. Whether it’s a girlfriend, family member or even your best bud. Someone’s called it out like it is, usually right after something frustrating has happened to you as well. That’ll make you feel better.

fitted-2016-metal-bug fitted-2016-metal-flaresThe thing is, it may be a big piece of rusting metal on wheels. It may just be a tool to some people, a means of getting to and from work. But to us it’s much more. To us it’s something we can pour ourselves into. Every mod or detail is something we have personally chosen. It’s a canvas we can paint on.

fitted-2016-48 fitted-2016-48-2A car is an outlet for our creativity. This expands of course into trucks, vans, motorcycles,snowmobiles, and what have you. Anything with an engine can get a gear head going.

fitted-2016-teal-eg fitted-2016-focusIt’s something that’s been with us since we were kids. You can still see it in the next generation. Kids pointing at a car because of the way it growls as it takes off from the stop sign. That kid doesn’t know what kind of car it is yet. That kid doesn’t care if that car is rolling on rep wheels, or that the exhaust and intake is off of eBay. That kid points in excitement as this machine has caught his eye, it made a lot of noise, and went like stink. We need to hold onto this mindset.

fitted-2016-roll-in fitted-2016-sc400The world is changing. Not entirely for the better either. Car culture on the internet is flooded with keyboard warriors talking down to others, telling you how to mod your own car. It seems your car has to be wide-bodied and either hiding a 2J or a twin turbo’d V8 to get respect. Even then it may only be for a day until somehow that one photo cycles back up again. Meanwhile that car has been taken apart and sold across the country already.

fitted-2016-2j-s14 fitted-2016-pulsarUnfortunately some car shows are falling into internet trends as well. You can spend over a year working on your engine, rebuilding it from the ground up to be perfect but since your wheels don’t have decent offset or that there’s more fender gap than the golf with airbags, you’re out of luck.

fitted-2016-rx7-blitz fitted-2016-audioIt’s not all bad. It’s just hard for people to stay stoked when you’re bombarded with these perfect builds and then show up to a meet and see some kids with roof racks and lowering springs. So the internet kids ask, “Why would I go to the weekly meet when I can see cooler builds on the internet within seconds?” Here are my answers.

fitted-2016-rb-datsun fitted-2016-mikeTo experience actual living and breathing heroes.
Meet the real people, not from behind the mask of the computer screen. See how they talk about their car, how they share little details you would never notice online. Catch the passion. That shit is real, and that shit is contagious.

fitted-2016-camaro fitted-2016-hotrodSee the car with your own two eyes.
Respect the work done and the hours they punished themselves to put together their creation. A car can look great in a photo online and then look like shit in person. (That being said, I’m weird and actually don’t mind seeing defects here and there. It shows that the car is used and loved.)

fitted-2016-nv-auto fitted-2016-elevatedKeep the culture alive.
If no one showed up to shows or drove their car to a meet then our culture would die within days. The world is changing along with laws that are putting a damper on our creativity. There are people out there who risk multiple tickets rolling into a meet just because it’s who they are and how they express themselves. Yes most laws are in place to keep people safe or our earth healthy, but we all know power hungry officials can take things too far. Here’s a shout out to our northerly friends in Quebec for bringing in some of the sickest cars even though their laws are stricter than ours.

fitted-2016-lineup fitted-2016-fittedLearn and grow.
A car meet like Fitted is a breeding ground for amazing ideas. There is so much automotive talent that it explodes outward from the show areas and into the parking lot and beyond. At a car show like Fitted you can spend an entire day exploring. Technically you could blow through the show area in an hour or two but I know you didn’t give each car the full look over. It would suck for the owners, but it’s too bad they didn’t float around their car all day to give you some insight on their build. Sometimes you’re lucky and they’ll be dropping something off and you can catch them.

fitted-2016-flares fitted-2016-wide-zTake it all in…
Every car is unique to it’s owner. It’s why this website was made in the first place, to showcase that fact. Your car is a reflection of your personality for the most part, how you treat it, how you care for it (or lack there of). Checking out the cars and bikes at Fitted is like reading a synopsis of an individual. We don’t get the full story, but we get a good sense of someone’s style per se.

fitted-2016-frs fitted-2016-supraAnd bring it all home
A car show should get you excited, get you pumped, and get you inspired to go home and wrench on your passion (not just another car). That’s exactly what Fitted does in my opinion. It hypes up our local culture and I’m stoked that it’s continued to grow year after year. Now stop reading on the internet and go get your hands dirty. Express yourself and build your car how you want to.

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