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Olay olay, olay olay. It was hot, hot, hot.
Finally I made it out to TOPP this year. I say finally but technically this was only the second event of the year. I was just ticked off cuz I missed the opener due to a impromptu cold.

topp-drift_may23-cool-downNot only did I make it to this event but I pulled my pants up a little and hit the skid pad with my Rx7. Let me say first hand, it was super fun. Well, you’d think it would have to be as people from all over come to shannonville to wreck tires and their cars all for the sake of drifting. Other than the fact my rotard wanted to overheat after each run it was awesome and I feel like I learned a few things I can already try to work on for next time. I definitely need some better front tires, understeer was an occasional issue. But 3 summers on a WRX and 2 on the FC were pretty good for those nittos.

topp-drift_may23-mattkI honestly didn’t take too many photos, my mind was elsewhere, skid pad, hanging out, riding shotgun in this dude’s damn Datsun for a good amount of time. Thanks Matt!

topp-drift_may23-skuurtIf I didn’t go out on the track first thing when I got there I probably wouldn’t have any track side photos.

topp-drift_may23-fbThe event seemed super busy for a one day showdown, it was a holiday so maybe that had something to do with it. The amount of cars lined up for the track and even the damn skid pad was impressive. It’s good to see the community build, grow and listen to each other. TOPP Drift is such a tight knit group even with thousands of facebook members. Everyone wants to share tips, help each other and just have an all around good time. I never planned on stepping onto that track without hitting up the skid pad, and I probably won’t for quite awhile. It’s good to see that it was busy because that means people are listening, and learning.

topp-drift_may23-truckNothing is worse than going out on the track too early and getting in the way. It’s dangerous, frustrating for the other drivers out there and even the media guys. I can’t say the same thing for all of them but there’s just something about using a photo that the driver spun out afterwards, kind of robs it of it’s glory. Like you looked badass, but you spun. We can show everyone you looking badass, but it’s kinda a facade considering you couldn’t hold drift.

topp-drift_may23-sbmgThis article really doesn’t have a structure or a main point, kind of mirrors my day at the event. If I had to focus on something I guess the underlying theme of it all is: go to TOPP, go have fun, don’t be a burden, be yourself. If you aren’t ready yet don’t push it. TOPP Drift is awesome for letting so many people take on the track without moderating who goes out there. It’s up to you to make that call. I know I’d rather go out when I’m consistent than try and be cool for the photograph on the one corner. THEN ruin the fun for everyone else by spinning out or worse, wreck your car or someone’s that’s a lot more money than yours.

topp-drift_may23-mikeAlso to further what everyone’s echoing in the group.
Take pride in your car, don’t join the missile train.
Keep it classy san diego

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