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April showers bring May flurries? Canada doesn’t believe in weather patterns.

CSCS-2016-Round1-snow-fdFor the season opener of Canadian Sport Compact Series mother nature decided to snow on our parade. However since we’re Canucks we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. The show must go on as they say, and it did!

CSCS-2016-Round1-snow-civicThe change in temperature and weather conditions throughout the day kept the drivers on their toes. Some slippery mishaps were evident but most drivers kept their composure and there weren’t any collisions that I witnessed throughout the entire day.

CSCS-2016-Round1-forester-driftDrifting left a little more to be desired unfortunately. Where is everyone? Calling all drivers to the starting grid! I’m hoping that it’s just early in the year and some competitors are still out building their machines for this season.

CSCS-2016-Round1-drew-rx7Only 5 cars were entered in the competition. However due to an early mishap with a slippery bank and the wall, Drew’s minty machine wasn’t performing like it should. Wayne Lee was also driving a car he’d never competed in before (the forester in the photo before). So with the big booty rental he was struggling a bit to keep a continuous drift. The crowd loved the machine though and I caught several people cheering him on during qualifying.

CSCS-2016-Round1-brent-wallBrent Stratton was in the zone and qualified 1st by riding the wall aaallll the way around.

CSCS-2016-Round1-goritsasDimitri Goritsas was killing out there. He was looking sharp basically driving the 180 that looks as if it’s dressed like James Bond vs the rest of the street thugs. (No offence other drivers, love everyone’s unique style 100%).

CSCS-2016-Round1-warp-driftLocal Legend Pat Cyr was flinging his 86 at warp speeds on Sunday. The ITBs on this machine sound killer, I could listen to this car rip all day.

CSCS-2016-Round1-fightSo with the minimal competitors it went like this: Wayne didn’t qualify unfortunately so Brent got a bi to the finals. So that left Pat and Dimitri to face off. After a “one more time” Pat knocked Dimitri out, giving him third.

CSCS-2016-Round1-battle-for-1stPat went on to face Brent the number one qualifier and managed to sneak out a win.

CSCS-2016-Round1-celebrateEven though it was ridiculously cold and the wind was blowing they had to celebrate it right. Thanks Jover for commentating again, Dan wouldn’t step up this time so Drew gave it a shot for a bit. (yup calling you out Dan.)

CSCS-2016-Round1-gloriaThe snow and shine had a rather large turnout. Imports to domestics and everything in between. Caught Jesse sneaking in with this incredibly unique whip. Not everyday you see a Gloria in our neighborhood.

CSCS-2016-Round1-varis-m4I’m not going to throw a ton of show and shine stuff in this article as I was at the track more than the lot. A few can be found at the end of this article in the gallery. This Varis M4 was wicked looking, and yes it was on the track.

CSCS-2016-Round1-m2w-teamworkI hung out with the lovely Mild 2 Wild Crew for a bit after all the excitement but managed to catch them prepping the beast for the finals. Go team go!

CSCS-2016-Round1-vince-pilotAnd go Vince did. Grabbing first in unlimited RWD yet again. Like a boss.

CSCS-2016-Round1-daaamnIt’s literally impossible to not be memorized by this machine. Caught this crowd staring, proving my point.

CSCS-2016-Round1-wild-fightA Picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let it fill in the blanks.

CSCS-2016-Round1-watchin-koukisThis time Mild2Wild Racing had their other kouki out on the track with the talented Amanda Carlton behind the wheel again.

CSCS-2016-Round1-time-attackinI could catch her excitement afterwards from her being back at it again after a long recovery. However I didn’t manage to catch Kyle’s Corvette, the last driver of the team (sorry Kyle!). Kyle managed to grab 3rd in Super Street RWD.

CSCS-2016-Round1-amanda-carltonWith the absence of the Kyle photo, here is another of Amanda and her killer kouki.

CSCS-2016-Round1-versaceThe unlimited AWD class is freakishly quick.

CSCS-2016-Round1-honda-civicI played around a bit with the wall, shutter speed, and bystanders. I think they’re pretty nifty shots.

CSCS-2016-Round1-yellow-egThere are quite a bit of civics and accords out there and it’s no wonder why as they are relatively inexpensive to other platforms and have an incredible amount of aftermarket support.

CSCS-2016-Round1-k-tunedBut I’m sure as an enthusiast you already knew that.

CSCS-2016-Round1-brzThe new platforms are more than welcome in my books.

CSCS-2016-Round1-smokey-baySometimes things don’t go your way but you have to make the most out of what you can.

CSCS-2016-Round1-miata-teamAlthough the day was super shitty in terms of weather, I had an amazing time. We could have seen more drifters in the competition and the mics could have held out a little more against the wind but those are little details. Thank you CSCS for putting on these events, can’t wait for the next one.

Mark your calendars, June 26 TMP Cayuga. The day after Formula Drift ‘Toronto’ (Barrie/Innisfil area).
Please get your tickets for both events, the more we support our local community the larger it will grow and the opportunities for new venues/more frequent events will rise.

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