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I tend to just spend my entire winter thinking about when the next time I get to go to Shannonville is, so when this weekend rolled around I had no complaints. This was the first time TOPP had hosted a two day season opener, with camping. It was pretty nice to have this because I got to spend one day hanging out and catching up with old friends that I had not seen for the entire winter, while the second day I spent out on the track watching people tear up tires.

IMG_4199-Edit IMG_4954-EditI think the best part about the first day of the season is checking out everyone’s new builds and changes over the winter. Some people did some aesthetic changes, others had some radical motor swaps.

IMG_4657-Edit IMG_4801-EditI always get really excited to see Pat Cyr’s Corolla. I think everyone does. He freshened up the car big time this winter and it’s a show stopper now, getting a good look from everyone who sees it, no matter their tastes. Plus the sound is always fantastic. He tells me that he will be competing in CSCS this year, so that will definitely be a car to watch for out there!

IMG_4674-Edit IMG_4770-EditI’ve really enjoyed watching Justin Hale the last few seasons. I think every event he improves in some way, and the amount of smoke coming off the back of this car never ceases to amaze me, considering how simple his motor setup was. Just an RB25 with some larger injectors and a turbo, and some magic can happen.

IMG_4978-Edit IMG_4429-EditSneak Zero, style, form and function all in one. I think that was Dylan’s 7th S15?

IMG_5015-EditThere were a lot of new faces on the track too, the sport is growing so fast right now it’s been incredible. Kyxx was on his second track day ever, after he had hit the skid pad at HallowBash last year. I went along for a ride and he was killing it! It’s always fun to just go out with people who want to have some fun and make the most of drifting.

IMG_4897-EditToyota Nation! More AE86’s on the track please me. Thank’s again for the ride Ritchie! We sacrificed the front and rear bumper but it was worth it!


See you all next month for the long weekend!

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