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Speed. There’s just something about going as fast as you possibly can, pushing you and your car harder and harder and improving upon yourself. Chasing the clock and grasping for low numbers as you reach the limits of your vehicle and yourself.

mild2wild-racing-treesExiting the corner and smashing hard on the loud pedal, trying to get all the ponies out of the LS2 when all of a sudden a bird attempts the daredevil road crossing. However this time the bird picked the wrong road and the wrong car. Vince Strati eradicated a bird when competing in CSCS at Mosport DDT, the feathers are still out and about and the corner light’s feelings will never be the same again. Vince competes at a variety of tracks throughout the year, ranging from our local scene in the GTA to Road Atlanta in the states. And in 2016, he’s competing even more.

He’s assembled quite the team under the name Mild 2 Wild Racing. This LS2 powered S14 is their flagship car in the M2W armada, with another S14 in works powered by a VQ that was out a few times last year.

mild2wild-racing-front-angleThis 240sx is by far my favourite Track dweller I’ve seen at CSCS. With its new livery designed by Amanda Carlton it looks as if it should belong in a whole other class of its own. Honestly I couldn’t get enough photos of this Kouki, it looks good at every angle. I thought it would be neat to get some insight on some things from Vince himself for this article. So here’s a few questions I asked and his responses.

Why did you get into time attack?

I honestly got invited by one of my customers to come try it out. I was reluctant at first but when i started i was hooked.

What was your first time attack car?

95 honda civic coupe

How long have you been competing in time attack locally?

over 7 years

Why did you choose the Nissan 240SX as your platform?

It was a car I always had respect for and interest in one day building. Its a very good RWD chassis to start from with excellent potential  and the possibilities seemed endless for upgrades and improvements

mild2wild-racing-rear-undercarrageWhat are some future modifications you plan on making to the car?

2016 we would like to have a quick change rear end, dog box transmission, flat bottom and rear diffuser for aero, fire suppression system and a dry sump.

What are some tips you’d have for someone attending their first track day with their car?

Take it easy, you have nothing to prove on a track day. Its best to take it easy and be able to take your car home at the end. More experienced drivers are always willing to help and give tips at track days we are all there to help and even go for a ride along.

mild2wild-racing-mugshotI think what Vince and his team have done with the car so far is astounding. This is one of those track cars that could hands down double as a show car. It’s kept immaculate and looks incredibly fierce. The aero on this car looks awesome and is purpose driven, I can’t wait to see what it will look like with a rear diffuser.

mild2wild-racing-grassyVince made sure he got the Enkeis put on the vehicle before we got the car out for it’s glamour shots, the concaveness of these wheels is simply to die for.

mild2wild-racing-rear-angle-lowThe ass is all business, high rigid wing and a cut bumper with an exposed fuel cell sticking out like a hot chick’s thong. But enough staring, let’s dive a little deeper and look at some little things you might have missed.

mild2wild-racing-oilcoolingsUp front under the bird massaged corner light is an external oil cooler joined with two others for transmission and power steering.  To the right of the three stooges is a massive cone filter big enough to hold a whole tub of your favourite ice cream from the supermarket.

mild2wild-racing-canardsThe badass splitters designed by Mild 2 Wild, for Mild 2 Wild, to go from being mild to all out wild.

mild2wild-racing-customCustom is the name of the game here folks.

mild2wild-racing-fortune-autoOne of Mild 2 Wild’s major sponsors is Fortune Auto, supplying the beast with track ready 2-way remote reservoir coilovers.

mild2wild-racing-enkei-wheelsThose Enkei RS05-RRs with big ol’ Brembo’s stopping the V8 propelled momentum.

mild2wild-racing-momlovesvI was told to not miss this important logo. A simple acronym standing for Mommy Loves Vince.

mild2wild-racing-liveryThe wild livery, and a roll cage peeking through the window.

mild2wild-racing-am-i-famous-yetSome simple race notes to live by, along with a question I personally ask myself every day. Don’t forget the AFR to make sure things are in check, along with that sweet Aims MXL Digital Dash slipping out of frame.

mild2wild-racing-cockpitSparco quick release, passenger race bucket, racequip harnesses and Kirkey driver’s bucket makes the interior.

mild2wild-racing-side-exitA super slick Oval side exit exhaust is set up on this car, and boy does the V8 sound pissed when this thing is fired up.

mild2wild-racing-overdraftA familiar logo worn on the window like a shoulder tattoo, thanks guys its means so a lot!

mild2wild-racing-stickiesSticky sticky tires to help you stay on track and avoid sticky sticky situations.

mild2wild-racing-wingGotta love wings, especially when they serve a purpose. You can’t hate wings on track cars, they basically have immunity. YOU CAN’T HATE THE WING.

mild2wild-racing-eyeI could honestly stare into those eyes all day…

mild2wild-racing-kouki-time-attackI have to admit I’ve been a bit selfish, I’ve hoarded these photos for quite awhile (clearly, since when have we last seen grass like this?). I’ve had this car on my desktop at work since then, just keeping the photos all to myself…

mild2wild-racing-wildernessUhghhh (insert awkward moaning sounds)

mild2wild-racing-front-koukiI think I might be in the sharing mood, and just might have some links at the end of this article for you to grab some wallpapers.

mild2wild-racing-koukis2What’s better than one badass Kouki? Well two, obviously… Idiot.

mild2wild-racing-kouki-monster2Here is the kouki monster in all her glory. VQ powered, but the thing sounds like a burly V8 with a lumpy idle.

mild2wild-racing-hiddenSharing is caring. Click on the thumbnail for the wallpaper size:

Nissan 240sx S14

LS2 – 6.0L GM V8

Intake: Fast intake

Engine modifications: Comp Cams, Comp Cams dual valve sprints with titanium valve springs, GM LS OE Rocker Arm Trununion Upgrade kit< Comp Cams push rods

Clutch: Tilton Engineering 7 1/4 triple plate and flywheel

Cooling: Mishimoto radiator, Setrab oil cooler, Setrab power steering cooler

Fuel: ATL banton fuel cell with aeromotive dual fuel pumps and custom M2W swirl pot

Tires: Pirelli DS Slicks

Management: HP tuner, tuned by Innovative Tuning

Suspension: SPL bushings, SPL tie rods, SPL toe arms Fortune Auto Pro 2-way remote reservoir

Exhaust: Vibrant performance custom oval exhaust Sikky headers

Here are some extras

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