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Ugh winter. The only thing I enjoy about winter is the snowy skids in empty lots at night. I guess it looks at home around the holiday season as well. Other than that I wouldn’t mind having less of the white stuff. These guys and gals would strongly disagree with me.

From January to April the CSRA Snowcross is in full swing. Sponsored by Rockstar Energy and variety of others this series means business. With the two early events taking place in Quebec, while the rest of the series hangs around southern Ontario, I had to see what it was all about this year.

There is some hardcore teams out on the track, and some crazy rigs to transport them around for the series.

csra-snowcross-hoodupIn the pits, teams would check out their sleds to make sure everything was working as it should as well as clean the sled’s tracks of hardened snow or ice from the previous race.

csra-snowcross-kitraceThere was a small track for the young ones to putt about on, it was pretty fun to watch, and neat to see how young they are when they start racing. Who knows maybe one of these kids will be on the podium in the future.

csra-snowcross-kidhawkMy bet is on this kid. He’s already got the style figured out.

csra-snowcross-tipsSome of these kids looked too small for the machines, but this didn’t stop them one bit.

csra-snowcross-start2 stroke engines begin to scream when the race starts, as varying groups of 4 to 20 racers scramble to make it ahead of one another before the first turn.

csra-snowcross-aggressionBasically motocross on snow, these guys and girls got pretty aggressive out there which made for a fun show to watch.

csra-snowcross-battlescarsThere were a few pretty gnarly crashes out there but 9 times out of 10 the driver would be back on the sled at it again before the group came around for another lap.

csra-snowcross-jetpackCrazy amounts of air time was achieved on the main jump right before the finish line and in front of the main grandstand.

csra-snowcross-chaseThis wasn’t the only place you’d see some air time though, and most of the time the chasing sled would almost land right on top of the leading one.

csra-snowcross-fightWith the amount of sleds tearing up the track they started to create shallower corners because of the racing line they would take.

csra-snowcross-groomSo the groomer would come out every few races to push around the snow and re-form the track and jumps.

csra-snowcross-theyrecomingLike come on. You can’t deny this just looks like a bowl full of fun.

csra-snowcross-jumpIt was actually a pretty mild day on the Saturday when I went, which was handy because shooting with gloves on sucks.

csra-snowcross-stampedeI went to have some fun and get out of my hibernation like state that winter usually brings, so most of the time I just put the camera down and enjoyed the sights and sounds.

csra-snowcross-victorIt was neat seeing another group of motorists so passionate about their sport and what they do, they give it their all, and in most cases it’s a family affair.

csra-snowcross-snowyThe CSRA Snowcross is definitely something you should check out if you are into a large group of people flying through the air on gas powered snow bikes, making lots of noise and snow dust. I mean what else are you doing in the winter anyways?


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