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Formula Drift Canada hits the streets at Trois-Rivieres! This was a wicked gig, the crazy thing was FD Canada was the halftime show of sorts to GP3R Rallycross.

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-redbulThis was the first time I got to witness Rallycross in person. Man was it ever cool. They had a dirt section on the inside, and the whole course was filmed and streamed on a jumbotron of sorts for the crowd to follow the action. Some big name rally drivers were there, including Tanner Foust who I used to watch compete in Formula Drift back when it aired on the Speed channel. Back when Speed channel was a television channel. Back when cool stuff was on television.

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-solbergThe language barrier at Trois-Riviers wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Most people just laughed and did their best at explaining where we needed to go in English to us. Only a handful couldn’t or wouldn’t speak English at all to us. We’d also get a snicker when replying with ‘Merci”. Probably from our improper pronunciation of the word.

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-rx7It was cool to see the crowd warm up to drifting throughout the day. At first it seemed they weren’t quite sure what was going on, but as the announcer explained the purpose of the sport people began to get really into it.

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-chasinThe closer in proximity the louder the crowd got, which was sweet. Just think of how many new people will be into drifting now that FD Canada was a part of this GP3R event.

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-monsterAnother sweet thing was that Monster was a core sponsor of the series so that meant Vaughn Gitten Jr. was in Canada showing off some of his Mustangs.

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-kearneyHim and Dean Kearney did a few drift demos including some 360 spins and gnarly burnouts. It twas a good time!

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-rileyThe competition between the FD Drivers was fierce! We missed out on the first Top 16 battle but got to be there for the rest. The only thing that was confusing for us on the in-field and not being able to speak a lick of french, we didn’t know who advanced to the next round until we saw their car again.

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-crumpOur buddy Brad Carlton was killing it out there. Unfortunately he damaged his car the day before in practice but he still made it into the Top 16 for us to cheer him on. We actually thought he made a wicked run and was for sure advancing to the Great 8 but we didn’t see his gorgeous blue beast out again.

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-demoAlong with the ‘Merican FD Drivers, our drivers put on a few drift demo/drift trains for the audience. It was pretty sweet, and most times caught me off guard as a “Who do i shoot? There’s so many of them” type moments.

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-gangIt’s really awesome to see more drivers making the trip from the Greater Toronto Area to compete in Formula Drift Canada, what’s even more exciting for us is that we know every one of the drivers personally so we can’t help but get excited when our friends do well. It’s also cool to see a fan base starting to develop for these guys, soon we’ll be the losers saying “Hey I knew him when he was not much more than a skid kid!” And everyone around us will tell us to shut up and continue to believe we’re lying. Don’t forget us when you guys are famous hah!

formula-drift-canada-3rivers-rockinAfter the event was all wrapped up Pat Cyr took the Mayor of the town around for a few smokey Yokohama drifts. It looks like a few more people may have caught the drifting bug that weekend and I’m sure the next time Formula Drift is in town there will be a lot more buzz.


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