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With more and more Japanese cars becoming available for import in Canada, it was inevitable that the Nissan S15 would come one day. I followed Dylan Sharpe on social media as he brought an S15 to Ontario, freshly imported from overseas. Not long after, he brought another one alongside it too.

One car was destined for the street, the other for the track to compete in Formula Drift Canada and Midwest Drift Union. Although this doesn’t stop Dylan from taking his street car for some laps down at Final Bout, and a visit to a few Ontario events too.

After months of wanting to go take some photos of some of the best looking S-Chassis Ontario had to offer, I finally took the leap and dove up to visit Dylan on a Friday. We had plans to try and get both the race car and the street car together for some photos, and couldn’t have picked a nicer day and destination for it. The lakefront was great, and it was a nice fall day out.


The race car was out for some fall photos, and hadn’t been seen by many before. While it wasn’t fully completed yet, it’s certainly going to prove extremely competitive when Dylan completes it. Powered by a 2JZ with a Brian Crower valvetrain and Borg Warner turbo, I can’t wait to hear the sounds this thing will make flying down the track next year. Not a single part of this car has been left untouched, and in true Sneak Zero fashion, a fresh paint job and some chrome wheels.

Since the car wasn’t quite rolling under it own power yet, we were pushing the car on and off the trailer whenever we moved locations. Dylan completes most of his work on his own, but had an awesome group of friends there to help out and make the day easier. Not only were they just pushing, but they wanted to help make sure that everything was 100% and the car stayed clean throughout the shoot. Those are the kind of friends you can’t go without.

Both cars were shined up so nicely that they reflected just about everything you threw at it, even with some camera work. It was interesting to watch Dylan take care of his cars – constantly checking things over, polishing things up, cleaning areas that few normally would even touch for a photo shoot. When you look and see every inch of the car has been touched, you know there is some serious effort being put into this car.

With all this in mind, Dylan will definitely be in the running to have a car that stands up to the competition in Formula Drift, but could probably still be street plated at the end, and look awesome.

This 2JZ is also approved by Stanley the cat.

Dylan Sharpe Racing S15
For use in Formula Drift Canada, Midwest Drift Union (MDU, USA), Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) and exhibitions such as GRIDLIFE (USA), Final Bout (USA), and Ultimate Exotics Track Days (CDN)


  • All Built in House in Hamilton, Ontario
  • 3.0L Toyota 2JZ
  • Brian Crower Valvetrain, 264 Camshafts
  • BorgWarner S300SX3 .88, Divided
  • 06 Nissan CD009 Transmission
  • Custom Twinplate and Adapter
  • Custom Engineered Shifter Assembly by Dylan Sharpe
  • Vibrant supplied VANJEN clamps and piping for entire project, including oval tube
  • Magnafuel Pro Tuner 750 Fuel pump
  • 2000CC Injector Dynamics injectors with E98 fuel
  • Factory fuel tank with Nuke Performance surge tank
  • Vibrant AN fittings and hosing throughout fuel and PCV system

Suspension and Wheels

  • Custom DG5 Damper with modifications, Swift Springs, HSD Parts
  • Front and Rear Driftworks Knuckles
  • ISIS Pro/Parts Shop Max/OEM Arms
  • Wilwood 6 Piston Brakes (F), and Modified OEM Z32 with complete parking assembly for street use. Hawk pads throughout.
  • Wheels are Work XT7, Blitz 03, Blitz Z2, AVS Model 5, Weds Cerberus II, among others


  • Paint and Body was done by Nicky P, Rav B and Dylan, glass done by Driven Autosports, Tint by Brenden E
  • Modified OEM Front Optional Spec R bumper
  • Spec R Optional Side Skirt, Rear Spat
  • Spec R Optional Wing
  • Origin Lab Roof Wing
  • Ganador Mirrors
  • Custom DSR spec Headlamps
  • Custom DSR spec Strobe/LED/Glow modifications
  • WiseSquare Taillamps
  • Stealth Oil Cooler Mounting behind license plate mount


  • Mirco GT Full Bucket Seat, custom footings
  • Takata Black Racing Belts
  • OMP Fire System
  • HKS Shift Knob
  • Vertex Steering Wheel
  • Complete MB QUARTZ Audio F+R, in-dash DVD player
  • Complete Modified interior, including headliner, door panels, dashboard, rear deck and rear trim.
  • Polished Aluminum Rear Firewall
  • Hidden LED Lighting throughout floor pan and roll cage
  • Custom Tilton Reverse Swing Pedal Box
  • Custom Heater Assembly with 3 way Fan Control and Vent control
  • Handmade Chassis and Engine wiring, along with custom fuse block, relay block and panel with OEM style connectors by Tyler Riel (Niagara, ON)


  • Custom Front Tubs and chassis clearancing (Aaron H and DSR)
  • Clipped Rear Aprons and ducting under the rear
  • Custom Made Rollcage to pass Formula Drift Standards, while maintaining a streetable interior.
  • DSR Front Subframe
  • DSR Front TC Bracket

Alongside the race car, was Dylan’s street S15. He sold this just a few short weeks after I got to take these photos, and I’m happy to say it’s probably the cleanest and tastefully modified S15’s I’ve seen, of the few that have made their way over to Ontario.

It retains the feel and looks of an S-Chassis car, but with a more modern twist to it. I rode along in it, and it put down some great power. It was setup to be able to handle the track no problem and every part had been swapped on it, from motor to suspension. Even with all of this, it still drove like a dream in the streets, and was fully functional – no fear of driving this car anywhere.

The final stop of our day ended up by the lake, and we even were allowed to shoot inside this building where boat repairs were going down. Everywhere we went the cars attracted some attention, and even people who didn’t know what they were had come over to ask for a photo, or some more details on what they were seeing.

At the end of the day, it’s awesome to see so much effort put into both a street car and a race car. The idea of having both cars being fully functional for both track and road use is something I would love to do with my own car one day, given the right chassis and time. As Dylan Sharpe goes on to complete his build and take on Formula Drift with it, stay tuned for some more stories down the road!

Street Car
1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R


  • Fresh SR20DET VVT
  • Exedy Hyper Single (specific for 6SPD gearbox)
  • KAAZ Two Way LSD
  • Blitz CS Front Mount Intercooler Kit
  • Blitz Dual Drive Blow Off Valve
  • Blitz Downpipe w/AEM UEGO Wideband
  • Blitz LM Intake Filter
  • Greddy Intake Pro
  • Bandoh Turbo Outlet Pipe
  • Garrett GT28RS Turbine
  • FORGED DIF Turbo Lines
  • ReinHard Titanium Exhaust
  • Signal Auto Exhaust Manifold
  • Tomei Ornament Plate
  • Nismo Engine Mounts
  • Peak Performance Transmission mount
  • Autech N/A Throttlebody(40% size increase over stock)
  • Tomei Style Stainless oil pan
  • Tabata 3 row Aluminum Radiator
  • Samco Rad hoses
  • HALLMAN PRO RX Boost Control
  • Braided Clutch line(1pc)
  • All MOTUL top end Fluids throughout the engine/trans
  • Complete silicone Hose kit(all engine, accessory hosing)
  • All new Accessory belts
  • Working ICE COLD A/C

Suspension and Wheels

  • ERA-1 Front High Angle Drop Knuckles(driftworks)
  • Top Model HSD Coilover (32 way, height adj)
  • Parts Shop MAX Front Lower control arm/Tension rod
  • Parts Shop MAX Hardened Inner Tie Rod(extended)
  • Hollow Front and Rear aftermarket Swaybars
  • Nams Rear Upper Control Arm
  • ISISPRO Rear Toe Arm (repainted to cusco blue/grey)
  • ISISPRO Rear Traction Arm (repainted to cusco blue/grey)
  • Cusco Rear Subframe bushes
  • Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar
  • Cusco “stealth” Multipiece Rear Tower Bar
  • Billet Aluminum Differential Bushings
  • DSR Altered Front Subframe (25MM RACK Relocation)
  • DSR Front Tension Rod Brackets
  • ALUMINUM Z32 Front brakes (280mm Rotor, 4 piston Fixed Caliper)
  • Brembo Rotors F+R
  • Hawk HP+ Brake Pads
  • Project Mu Rear Brake pads
  • ARP Extended Studs
  • Russell Braided brake hoses
  • Enkei RP03 in SBC finish,18×10 +22, 18×9 +18


  • OEM DC2 ITR Front Lip
  • Factory Option FogLamps
  • Factory Option Rear Spoiler
  • Factory Option Rear Spats
  • Factory Option Side Skirt
  • Ganador Mirrors
  • WiseSquare Taillamps


  • Works Bell Type Quick Release
  • Custom Recaro RSG redone in leather with blue stitching
  • Custom Recaro Sport in black leather
  • Leather Backseat
  • Keys Leather 330mm Deep Dish, blue stitch
  • Nismo Alloy Shift Knob
  • Blitz TurboTimer
  • Blitz Boost Meter
  • AEM UEGO Meter
  • G Corp Blue Floor Mat
  • Pioneer/MB Quarts F+R Audio
  • Custom Pedal Arms and Pads