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When we get closer to the end of summer days, I feel a little sad just for the reason that the drift season will be ending, and I won’t get to see some good friends for a few months. Hallowbash is the best way to end the season with a weekend of fun.


I don’t think there were too many people who could say it was a bad weekend. It felt like we had migrated to the arctic for a few hours on Saturday, but it didn’t stop anyone from putting on a set of tires and going to slay them on the track.



For the entire season Jover Papa G has been out slaying tires in his street car, and not letting anything stop him. The car is still looking great too! After tireless effort for a few months now, he finally got the chance to put his rebuilt race car to the test. Everyone was really excited to see it out there again, and the speed it was getting was awesome.




Our pals from Quebec came down with a new addition to their Mustang! I’d love to see this car and Miguel’s DAPD car do some tandems together one day, it would be awesome to watch! The Beige cars put on a show as always, now all equipped with 1JZ motors.



Jakub has been probably one of my favourite drivers to watch develop over the past year. He’s gone from just having a cool car with a unique motor, to just being crazy awesome and cool. I’ve gotten to actually talk to Jakub and see his car up close and it’s one of the best builds this year. Keep going man!




I got the time to finally meet all of the Sneak Zero guys. Although I’ve posted photos of them before, our paths hadn’t crossed yet. Matt was happy to show me lots of cool little details about his car, especially his tub design, and valve cover. A few laughs were had and they were a relaxed group to chat with, and then awesome to watch slay tires and chrome on the track.



At the end of the weekend, I thought it was a good ending to another year of drifting. It’s been a blast this year, with new faces, new rides, lots of events and a ton of fun. I’m not sure how I’m going to function for the next few months without looking forward to drifting each month, but I can’t wait to see everyone again next year and find out what will be brought to the table to make 2016 another awesome year.

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