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It’s a bit sad this year that the Season Finale was the only CSCS event I made it out to this year and I didn’t even shoot it as Media. But in a sense, it was more enjoyable.

2015-cscs-finale-moneyI got to be a Fan again, less concentrated on getting a shot and having fun taking photos and more on just hanging out and making sure I say hi to everyone in case I don’t seem them again for another winter. I also brought my girlfriend out who knows very minimal when it comes to cars and the events that carry on at CSCS so showing her around and talking about the events was fun.

2015-cscs-finale-driftyI noticed there was a rather large number of people who didn’t know to much in terms of drifting, at least in the crowd I was standing in. This was actually pretty cool, seeing people’s reactions to the sport as it was probably the first time they had seen drifting in person, or maybe all together. Hearing comments like “this orange guy is awesome”, “man that’s a BMW”, “Watch this guy, he makes lots of smoke” was super cool. I just got to sit there and smile as all these strangers talked about my friends and their drifty cars.

2015-cscs-finale-winningWhat was neat about this final event at Cayuga was a lot of the FD fellas from the Toronto region came out to play: Riley, Stephen, and Pat came down to party. It just so happens that was the podium, but it’s no surprise as these guys have been driving a lot this season and it has been against the best of the best. Possibly my favourite part of the event was our buddy Jover announcing, he was awesome. He did a great job, he was funny and he explained at lot so that newbies could understand what was going on.

2015-cscs-finale-drifters-anonymousSome drivers to note on the CSCS competitive side were: Daniel Paska and Nelson Monteiro who were driving really well that day. Our buds from the Drifters Anonymous were also out slaying some tires.

2015-cscs-finale-congratsOn the time attack side, Vince from Mild 2 Wild Racing took home an epic win once again in his badass S14. Knocking out a PFAFF porsche in the process. Kudos Mild 2 Wild Team!

2015-cscs-finale-pink-scoobThe show and shine at CSCS was pretty full again for the finale. It was neat because I actually saw a lot of cars I haven’t seen this year. The show cars in Ontario are definitely stepping their game up as I saw some crazy swaps, clean engine bays, and stance that was on-point throughout the crowd.

2015-cscs-finale-rollaAll in all I had a great day at Cayuga, it’s not often I don’t there. What’s better than hanging out with people at a racetrack?

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