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As the number of warm days left is slowly coming to an end, so is the drift season in Ontario. With only a couple of days left, September 20th marked the finals of CSCS, hosted at Cayuga. This season was a lot different from the others. It had started off slowly, with few people competing as many more comprehensive builds were in progress, while some drifters had moved onto other series. Right off the bat, we knew different names would be topping the charts this year.

Brent Stratton was one of the most notable characters this year to hit the track. He showed up to every single round and put points on the board each time.

With some minor upgrades, he went from just being someone on the track, to being noticed real quick. A face lift of the car and some power upgrades put him on the map. With his efforts to make it to every round, he ended up with the championship in the end. A well deserved win after this season.


I think it was hard to miss Justin Hale, unless you just couldn’t see him behind the huge clouds of smoke he made. He’s put on one hell of a show this season, and I can’t wait to see where things go for him from here on.


Aaron came out this year with his new 2JZ power plant, and definitely put down some hard runs. Some road blocks were in his way, but with the power sorted out, hopefully this winter he can make the changes he wants to see and move up even farther from here, and take his competition to the next level.


When the announcers came on to say Dylan Sharpe was making a run, I was really confused. I was fairly sure I had seen him in the pits earlier. Dimitri Goritsas went from having a beaten up old chassis, to joining the rank of chrome smoking individuals in Sneak Zero. Although he only came out for an event, I do hope we see him back next year with more suspension upgrades to put this great looking car to work.


Miguel is a great guy, and always puts on a great show on the track, from his sirens and lights to now having a screaming V8 under the hood. He went through a crazy season, from motor issues and delays, but still came out smiling and having a good time, and ready to hit the track.


Coming off his fresh win at Shannonville, Massimo Narini had a hard time this round. I still think it’s one of the most fun cars to watch. Not many people take on a chassis like a Volvo, toss in an LT1, and can pull off the angle and speed Massimo does. He knows how to get the crowd riled up pretty well.



Surprising to some, but this was the first time I had seen Pat’s car in person, aside from its half completion at the Auto Show in Toronto earlier this year. I got the chance to meet Pat last year and he was always super friendly, inviting, and just embodies the good vibes of drifting. He took the time to answer all my questions about parts of the motor and suspension. Hopefully next year I’ll make it out to Formula Drift to get some photos of him banging doors with the best of the best!


Dan Paska came out as an absolute weapon this year. Even when his motor had issues, it didn’t stop him for even a second. He came out to almost every event and was cool to get to know more. Keep it up Dan!

At the end of the day, I could go on for hours about memories this year from CSCS drifting. Between laughs, running around helping out with repairs and tire changes, and just having a good time track side, I consider any event like this to be fun when you can just hang out with your friend’s and watch them kill tires in front of thousands of people. Next year promises to be full of even more fun.

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