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Formula Drift Canada proved one thing in my eyes. Canadian drivers knows how to throw down.

formulad-canada-world-battletimeAt every battle when a FD Canadian took on a FD American it was if they had something to prove and pushed unbelievably hard.

Kearney was on the hit list all weekend and we saw possibly the best battle of the weekend between him and Morin. They battled through two one more times in their top 16 battle.

formulad-canada-world-proximityEach time one of them would make a tiny mistake which would put them back against each other. After the intensity Sir Karnage took the win. He then get pitted against the weapon from Toronto, Pat Cyr.

formulad-canada-world-pat-dean-duelPat was killing it the whole weekend and the battle between these too was so intense that Dean somehow managed to run over Pat after a chase run. Pat took a time out and rolled up to the line with Canada cheering him on. Ultimately he had to retire as his clutch threw in the towel and we never got to witness the One more time between those two.

formulad-canada-world-nishidaAnother memorable battle was between Robbie Nishida and another Canadian who’s name will forever be watched by our visitors from Formula Drift, Tomy Boisvert-Bellemare.

formulad-canada-world-tom-smokeTom Tom was the giant slayer this weekend and he began his killing spree by getting inside Nishida’s skin and on a chase run Nishida spun which caused the crowd to loose their minds and volume control on their vocal chords.

formulad-canada-world-tommyHe then went on to take on Kearney and powered through that kill. I’ve never seen a crowd like the one at St-Eustache l’autodrome, nearing the end of each battle the crowd out-voiced the engine sounds. Like when does that ever happen?

formulad-canada-world-tandemtimeAfter Karnage, Tom Tom took out Landreville.

formulad-canada-world-quebecGiving Landreville fourth place and making him our second highest placing Canadian of the World Round. Now was the moment we were all hoping would happen. A Canadian making it to the final round.

formulad-canada-world-pullingIt was beyond nuts, when Tomy pulled up to the line the crowd began to stop their feet, causing an earthquake of noise. It was something I’ll never forget, there was so much cheering that it was hard to tell the final results of the battle we witnessed. I swore for a few minutes there that Tom Tom had taken on them all and won.

formulad-canada-world-push-hardAasbo was claimed king and all was well in the land of drift. Hearing him speak and highlight how the fans in Canada were awesome was great to see. Even cooler was Fredric getting Tom Tom to sign his first place trophy.

formulad-canada-world-odi-wangEvery one of the FD Drivers was killing it all weekend, I’m so glad I made it out again to witness these talented drivers pilot these amazing machines.



























formulad-canada-world-hammer-attackIt’s amazing to see Formula Drift expand into Canada and I can’t wait to see how much further it will grow. The fans are unreal and the drivers are legendary. The sport is just full of people looking to have a great time and further the sport. When someone is in trouble, breaks a part, or runs out of tires, there is someone that always helps out. What other sport can you say does this? That has this kind of competitive nature yet still wants your competitor to be at his top? If this was war you’d be effectively helping your enemy so he has a better chance at kicking your ass. I’ve seen it time and time again at every drift event I go to. Whatever level the competition, whether it’s a veteran who’s making the big bucks or a privateer who built his car in his parents garage. Even wherever you go, grassroots events in Ontario, FD Canada in Quebec, Gridlife in Michigan. With drifting I haven’t met one stick in the mud yet, and I hope I never do. Let’s Keep Drifting Fun.

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