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Formula Drift Canada Worlds at St-Eustache Quebec was unreal to say the least. By now you’re starting to see the flood of images from the event out on the internet. I have so many photos to go through I almost didn’t know where to start, until I realized one of the most important aspects of this series and event that almost always goes unnoticed. The people who are always there, in the background, making all this possible.

fd-canada-world-meetingsThere are so many people who are involved that I don’t know personally and I’d like to thank those of you first. If I don’t mention you, don’t take it to heart, it’s either that I didn’t get a snap of you or I don’t want to ramble too much haha! But here come the name drops.

fd-canada-world-ninjaJAG… Mr. Ninja. Jeremy, you are the bomb. This guy has helped out Overdraft so much at this event and has always been there when he had questions throughout the year. I feel like running the media events could be troublesome over and over again, yet he’s always there to do them twice. French and English. Like a Boss.

fd-canada-world-cyr-talkieMr. Dan Cyr. We’ve known this guy for probably as long as we’ve been doing this website gig. He’s always been there to give us tips on cool shooting locations and just laugh and hang out.

fd-canada-world-cyriousHis bro Pat is an equally cool dude! One of the most humble guys in drifting, always there to hang with the grassroots guys, give tips and party with the rest of us. It was Pat’s birthday at the event and we were all cheering for him to kick some butt in the Top 16 battle.

fd-canada-world-thugsWe hung out a lot with these two lads over the weekend. Dave from Stance Is Everything and Pierre from One Kind Photography. Honestly guys like these two make being involved in media so much better. Goofing around and complaining about the heat is so much better as a group than an individual. There are many others too, Richard our buddy most commonly seen wearing a Sombrero is another.

fd-canada-world-pierreHot damn!

fd-canada-world-larryYou can’t think of automotive media and not think of Larry Chen. His work is breathtaking, and so is that sexy robot walk. Speedhunters has and always will be the biggest inspiration for us.

fd-canada-world-matratMatt and I and the rest of Overdraft are a part of an interesting breed of Media. We do what we do because of passion, because of the joy of attending events and being apart of car culture, not money. Using our hobby and building upon our skills as photographers to further the automotive culture. There are many others out there who do not get paid for what they do but do it anyways because it’s a love of the community and car culture. So make sure you always support them, share their coverage, and always credit the photographer. There are a bunch of people out there doing it for the wrong reasons, creating knock off social pages, knock off merchandise, and knock off attitudes. Riding the trends to get popular quick, stealing coverage. Yuck. Support the real.

This goes hand in hand with everyone who helps out with these events. They volunteer through the heat and the crowds to further the motorsport. Real contributors like Manu and Kayla, to name a few. Manu was flying around the track all day making sure things went smoothly and Kayla was making sure people got into the show, pits, what have you. She helped us out a ton and it’s volunteers like them that make shit happen and work without a hitch.

fd-canada-world-photo-opI personally think that everyone in the car community should always remain a fan at heart. That’s exactly what Fredric Aasbo was acting like on the weekend. Whether it was snapping pictures of cars, or getting Tom Tom to sign his first place trophy, he was totally a fan just having a great time. It’s also pretty obvious that without the drivers we wouldn’t have an event. And without generous, good-hearted people, the show would not go on. Brad Carlton, our buddy and hero, after a clutch mishap his car was no longer fit to compete. Brad then donated his intake off his LS to another competitor so they could continue on. I also heard a few individuals donated tires to Tom Tom as he made it on throughout the competition. It’s people like that who make this culture a better place, total inspiration material.

fd-canada-world-hangsLastly, how could we forget friends. Friends make everything better, seriously think about it. Watch a comedy by yourself, you’ll laugh. Watch it with your buds and you’ll probably cry from laughter. So basically what I’m saying is that if you’re doing something fun, friends multiply that fun factor.

I know you’re itching to see what kind of coverage we have coming for you in terms of drifting photography but I thought it was more important to get this out in an article first.

Cars bring us all together, but the people and friendships make it all worthwhile.

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