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Although I’ve been exploring the car scene for a few years now, it’s still not often you can drag me out to a show. Importfest enticed me enough though, and when I found out Overdraft would be having a booth there this year, I figured it was worth the trip out to Toronto to go visit.


It was worth the trip. Importfest turned out to be not your average car show. The variety was immense and every brand was well represented.


From new to old, the convention center was packed with cars to the brim. People had come from all over, including a few coming up from America to spend the day hanging out. As someone who had never been to this event before, I was definitely impressed.


I think the show stopper for the entire event was Brad’s LS powered Miata. I saw a lot of people grouping around it before the event had even opened it’s doors, and went over quickly to see what the fuss was about. Brad was a really cool dude who was happy to tell me about everything he had done to make this creation complete, and I can’t wait to see what he does with it from here. A few people spotted it at CSCS the next weekend with its doors on as well.



I had to do a little bit of sneaking around to get any photo of this without the barricade in the way blocking it. The owner was super nice and didn’t mind though. Porsche models confuse me but I’ve always had a thing for these since they retain that classic Porsche look.



This rotary powered monster was really wicked. Not many people seem to be keeping rotors these days, but the owner of this car pretty much named off every piece of the motor and car that could be changed, which he had done. The body kit was cool because it was a one of one – custom made just to fit this car. Unfortunately it doesn’t see much track time anymore, but I’d love to build a car like this one day.



I know that everyone has seen the NV Auto 2JZ Subaru by now, but this was actually my first time seeing it in person. The attention to detail is ridiculous on this car. I met the shop owner too, Dov, and we managed to get an Overdraft sticker added to the machine!


We setup a nice little Overdraft booth selling some t-shirts and slaps for everyone. Brock brought his S13/X-Wing to the table, and it looked pretty nifty. It got a lot of attention too, you can’t really just walk by this and not take a second to take a look.



I never see old Datsuns in the street, but apparently there’s quite a few alive and kicking! They were spread out throughout the floor but all were in immaculate condition. I would definitely be taking one and dropping an RB25 in someday, for some fun.



Although I’m more into homebrewed builds and less into luxury, Lexus has really changed up their cars a lot and I like the direction its going. Power, looks, comfort, and reliability.


One thing I did have to point out was the extreme tires on the GT-R. 375/20/21. Whoever mounted these tires is a genius.



A big hit at the show was the Rocket Bunny S14. I think this car basically broke the internet that day when it appeared at the show. It looks awesome in person, photos and renders really do it no justice at all.


As the night drew on and the lights dimmed, I sat down after about 12 hours standing to look back at the day. Importfest was definitely a blast to be a part of, and going back is on my list next year. All brands had their place, every car was well done, and the people were pretty rad. See you next year!

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