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Competition in the drift scene at Shannonville is a rare event, but this year with the cancellation of the Grand Bend round of CSCS, Shannonville was chosen as the next destination. With this being the home track for amateur drift and fun times in Ontario, the idea of people running a competition on a track they were used to was pretty exciting.


To say things were wild, would be an understatement. Drivers definitely took advantage of being on a familiar track and pushed the limits of their driving, their cars, and the show they put on.


Jakub’s car has been the attention of a lot of people this year. Between the big wing, an R32 front end, and a screaming turbocharged V8, it’s a sight when it comes flying around corners. The amount of tire smoke this car left behind it was incredible.


Justin’s car caught everyone’s attention this year when he came out with some modifications to his RB25, a larger turbo and some big injectors, and suddenly was putting down immense amounts of power to take down corners and leave clouds behind him.


Together, these two put down a run (Just in practice) that took the field by storm, with some calling it the best tandem drift of the year at this corner of Shannonville. By the end of their practice runs you couldn’t see the grandstands one bit, stuck in a huge cloud of white.


Aaron’s 2JZ powered Z31 put down some serious power and made his drifts look effortless. A huge one up from his previous motor.


Dan Paska has been making big moves this year. Despite losing all of his boost for part of the event and only running on the minimum for the rest, he managed to push himself up into the top 3 with the help of some wicked angle he’s made for himself.



The Money Gang made an appearance as well, with Kristoff running one of his first competition events, and Drew taking over in a loaner car for the weekend. Mike brought out his daily driven BMW just hours after a quick engine swap!



Massimo came out on top of the event, pulling into a sweet first place finish in his LT1 powered Volvo. It’s a different car, a different style, and a different v8 than most people generally take to putting in a drift car. It was a well deserved win after some great driving that day.


At the end of the day, Shannonville turned out to be an awesome event, with lots of familiar faces and turning into a lot of fun, not just a competition. Drivers spun out, but ended by high fiving each other. Good vibes all around.


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