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A few months ago, I was exploring a local abandoned POW Camp, walking down the somewhat rural road when I heard some loud exhaust. I saw Jordan’s E30, a common sight for the area, but tagging along was a Skyline with a massive wing. It was hard to miss it, and being someone who loves R32’s, I had to stop and and check it out. I met Matt, who was local to the area but currently living and working in Alberta.


Fast forward a few weeks, and I got to see his car in action at Boonies Bash. It was a head turner for sure. Who could miss what many would consider a show car, to now be rocketing around the track and slaying tires like there was no tomorrow.


Despite the BN Sport body kit, not much stops Matt from tearing this car up on the track. A few bumps and scratches here and there, but it still looks incredible. It was hard to miss him running over his bumper back at Boonies Bash.



To be quite honest with everyone, I don’t often notice wheels. I really couldn’t tell you the lineups some brands have or anything. But Work’s wheels always stand out a little bit to me, it’s a more retro style that still fits these cars today.



What’s a drift car without stickers? Matt’s own team had these pretty sweet Yu-Gi-Oh style stickers, which he kindly sent one my way.



Seeing this thing in all different forms is pretty cool. Street car, drift car, and show car, really puts the idea in my mind that you can do all three with a car and still look pretty cool at the end of the day. Once upon a time this was a pretty rough looking Skyline that was roller paint red, and Matt’s brought it to life and made it an overall awesome car that stops everyone in their tracks when they see it.


The wing really catches the eye of everyone though. When me and Matt set out to meet up on a dark Tuesday evening, he initially went to the wrong place. We were waiting, and my friend pointed to a bridge nearby, and we could clearly see the wing floating above the concrete wall as he headed towards us.



At the end of the day, unfortunately Matt will be headed back to Alberta for now, but it’s definitely been a cool experience meeting him. From seeing him get to show off his car in the street, to destroying body panels without a care on the track, it’s shown me you can look good and still go out there to have fun at the end of the day.

IMG_9381 copy

1992 Nissan Skyline GTST Type M



  • Work Equips
  • 18×11-5 Rear
  • 18×9.5+5 Front


  • 32 Way Adjustable Coilovers
  • Turtle Garage HICAS lock out
  • Extended Lower Control Arms
  • Adjustable Camber Arms, Front and Rear


  • Series 1 RB25
  • Garret GT3076 Twin Scroll Turbo
  • Slide Industries Exhaust Manifold
  • TiAL External Waste Gate
  • 3 Inch Straight Pipe
  • Freddy Intake Manifold
  • 740cc injectors
  • Haltech Platinum Pro ECU
  • Cx FMIC and BOV
  • 410whp at 16 PSI


  • BN Sports Body Kit
  • Big Country Labs Wing
  • FD legal roll cage



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