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As many know, I’m not usually one for car shows anymore. I don’t take my camera to meets as often, and usually go out to shoot with a purpose. When I heard Torque Modified was right down the road from my house again this year, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to stop by and see what the local car scene had going for it.


Cars had come from all over. Some were from northern Ontario, and some had come from down south in the States just to hang out and show off their rides.


I met up with my friend Glenn, who was with Jump Start Auto, who were generously sponsoring the event. He quickly pointed me to some cars he knew I would want to see.


Glenn brought me over to this car, and asked me, “What kind of car is that?” A look at the rear end quickly told me it was a Golf. He took me over to the front then, and surprised me.


Not your average Golf. The owner had found that the front end of an Audi A3 fit quite nicely on it. Someone asked him why he had swapped a VW dash into an Audi. The confusion this hybrid could cause was great.





Despite the area being more for the tuner scene, more muscle cars seem to be making an appearance these days, particularly in large numbers for the Mopar fans. An array of performance enhanced Chrysler and Dodge products were spread out throughout the event.


I have a feeling this guy went out for some rally practice before entering the show..


The real show stoppers were the local boys though. The event was in Bowmanville, and almost all of these guys lived right down the road from this, and felt they might as well come. Drift cars that double as show cars are awesome.



Jordan’s daily driven 1985 E30 is a huge head turner every time I see it. The stance is off the wall, but he manages to drift this machine in style too. Classic BMW’s are becoming a bit rare in this area lately.



Matt’s Skyline has been the focus of some attention lately. Original from the same area, he’s on a visit from his work in Alberta. A lot of people were impressed by this car, but even more impressed by how he made it look good while still thrashing the car around on the track.


I spotted Chris’ car a few months ago at a NASCAR weekend, and couldn’t forget it. It was clean, simple, and extremely functional. I’ve always had a thing for the Silvia front end too.


Tom put his car together an hour before the show was even set to begin, tossing the dash back in and driving it here, still battle ready from the previous track days.


As much as car shows have changed for me, it was really fun to just hang out with the local guys and relax for a bit, and see what the area had to offer. The event had awards for best car in each class, but most people seemed to be out to just have a good time and enjoy a nice Sunday of cars.

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