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My phone’s alarm sounds. I can hear tents rustling and birds chirping. It’s 7am at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.




After a quick bite to eat and a walk on the main track we packed up the cars and drove over to the Driver Development Track for CSCS Round 1.




The parking lot began to fill with contenders of the CSCS Show and Shine series. I recognized quite a few of the cars from Ertefa and Fitted previously in my busy week of events but I also found a few gems I hadn’t seen before.




Time attackers hit the track to get their laps in and go for the best time. Being the season opener, not everyone had their cars running quite how they wanted them and not all contenders were able to even show up. But overall it was quite a successful turnout.



Fans and media hit the track to witness the greatness that is drifting. Of all the categories that CSCS has to offer, drifting is undoubtedly the largest crowd attraction.




As the drivers hit the track, tire smoke began to pour off the track. The season opener is always interesting to see what changes the competitors have made to their cars over the off-season. Justin Hale swapped an RB25DET into his 240sx and it screams across track, smoking out crowds. Certainly a crowd-pleaser!



Every year the competition level of CSCS Drifting is bumped up a notch. I’ve noticed the rookies of the last few years have progressed quite impressively and are able to tandem with the more experienced drifters with increased proximity.


When the smoke settled the top three celebrated their success. I look forward to the next round in Cayuga and hope to see even more contenders out.

By the end of my journey I had discovered what I was doing wrong with this build. I have stressed too much about the little things and have forgotten to enjoy the experience as a whole. Like I said in part 2, if the whole experience came easily without the set-backs I wouldn’t have as much appreciation for it as I do now that I stand back and take everything in. As someone who has never taken an automotive course in his life, I also wouldn’t have learned as much as I have along the way. The people I’ve met thanks to this car have changed my life in very positive ways. I’ve taken a valuable lesson from everyone who has ever helped me along the way and I could never thank any of them enough. The most important thing in life is to be as open-minded as possible with everything you do. Every day has a lesson embedded in it and it’s up us to avoid narrow-mindedly seeing through it.

Thank you all for taking the time to follow the story of my trip. I’m sure there are people out there who understand the struggles of maintaining a street car build and the paranoia of breaking down far from home. I hope those who go through the same worries take some inspiration from this series of articles to get out there and enjoy the ride more. Never forget the reason you took the plunge into the build. Never forget being that kid on Instagram, following your favourite builds and wishing you could do the same. Remember that there is always someone out there who takes inspiration from your build, but do everything you do for you, not for others. It’s your build, your adventure and your story.

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