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Previously stopping in Georgetown to rest up for a day after a long night at Ertefa on Thursday, I continued my adventure on Saturday to the Brampton Fairgrounds for Fitted.


CRU_6507 I posted up in the grass with a good friend of mine, Josh Cowan who tagged along for the long weekend trip in his gorgeous R32 on Fifteen52 Tarmacs. Immediately a lot of attention was drawn to our cars which brought a positive start to the day. People loved the fact that my front splitter trimmed the grass the whole way through. When I parked there was a layer of dandelions and grass clippings left on the splitter and 5 or 6 photographers were loving it as I got out of the car.



The parking grounds were flooded with beautiful cars. I could have filled a CF card in the parking lot alone but I decided to keep it short and simple with a few highlights.



A personal favourite of mine was Jordan Demetroff’s E30, and not just because it’s sporting a Cartel Goods windshield banner! I love the slammed street car theme to this car, and (when the oil pan is intact) this car looks fantastic when sideways at TOPP Drift.



With the beautiful weather and quite an impressive show going on in the parking lot, the vibes from the spectators was fantastic to be around. Monster energy was keeping people’s taste buds pleased with free ice cold energy drinks and a few food vendors were aiding the hungry. All of this excellence and we haven’t even made it inside yet!




My first stop inside had to be Stephen Van Sleuwen’s E46. Fresh back from Formula Drift Canada Tech Day, Money Gang Steve premiered his new competition chassis to the spectators of Fitted.



On a Money Gang side note, Danny Halencak had his VW 1.8t equipped BMW E30 on show and if this isn’t the cleanest E30 ever then I’d be shocked. It looks perfect on those Borbet Type A’s.



Next I paid a visit to Anthony Vonditsianos and his stunning 240sx coupe. Powered by an S15 SR20DET with a big turbo swap and tuned to 372whp at 18psi, this show-car quality S13 looks like it has never seen the track but I assure you it is well driven sideways at most TOPP Drift and CSCS events and will also be competing in Grid Life! The last time I saw this car was at the last TOPP Drift event when Anthony went off track and cracked an oil cooler. The car was covered in dirt after off-roading, but in no time Anthony cleaned it up and had it on display at Fitted.



Every featured car had a unique style to bring to the playing field. It’s incredible that with only a small variety of cars out there worth modifying and with so many people into cars these days there are still unique and original ideas being brought to the table. Right when I think everything has been done, someone steps up and surprises me. I take a lot of inspiration for my own build from other aggressive cars I’ve seen either online or at shows like Fitted.


Sometimes it’s good to look at other people’s cars for inspiration, but other times I find it helps to just sit back and admire what I’ve created so far. This is inspiration in itself. A lot of the time I get so caught up in the frustrations of picking the right parts and building the car that I forget to stand back and take in what I’ve put together. When I pull up and my splitter is covered in grass, I should be standing back with those photographers and marvelling. Everyone’s build is different. And with that, nobody but myself can fully understand what has gone into my own build. I wouldn’t have as much appreciation for this car if it was an easy process, so I’m glad I’ve been able to overcome every obstacle it’s thrown at me. There is still so much to be done to this ever-changing build and just the thought of it excites me.


From Fitted I embarked towards the Bowmanville area to camp out beside the NASCAR track at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. By this point the stressful feeling I previously encountered while driving had completely disappeared and I was fully enjoying the ride. I could test the boundaries of on-ramps and do boost-filled highway pulls with friends.

This is why I built this car. This is why I love it so much.

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