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Summer is here! The events are just pouring in lately as everyone has pretty much got their cars set up for this season. Tiremag and Ertefa kicked off a nice meet and show on May 19. Even in the few hours I was at Tiremag there was quiet the variety of cars.

tiremag_ertefa_lambo_mercyThis jet black Murcielago was out right near the entrance to the meet. I didn’t see Batman with my own eyes but I know he was at the meet somewhere.

tiremag_ertefa_black_rx7This ultra clean FD RX7 was also planted close to the entrance. Pop-ups are always enjoyable but the FDs have one of the best aftermarket headlight replacements for pop-ups.

tiremag_ertefa_red_rx7Another really clean FD, fitment on this one was on point.

tiremag_ertefa_teal_mazda3Fully built Mazda 3s are popping up everywhere recently. I’m not going to complain one bit as a lot of them coming out of the woodwork are mint!

tiremag_ertefa_g35There were a ton of people at this meet, so much that I’m fairly certain there were more people than the amount of seats in the cars present. It was like they were being shuttled from another parking lot somewhere.

tiremag_ertefa_camaroThere were cars rolling in throughout the entire time I was at Tiremag. This Camaro was looking sick. Dropped fairly close to the ground and had a pretty unique Monster Energy sticker placement. Usually those stickers can make a car look tacky but this added like a Godzilla style scratch to it a bit more. If this had a nice set of wheels I would’ve been a happy dude.

tiremag_ertefa_focusA forgotten breed the Focus is. This thing is definitely redeeming it a bit.

tiremag_ertefa_gc_stiAmazingly clean 2 door GC Impreza. This front mounted STi probably hauls all kinds of ass.




tiremag_ertefa_ifestImportfest was present, glowing immensely, and was snatching all kinds of attention throughout the day.

tiremag_ertefa_varis_frsNextmod’s Varis FR-S was looking snazzy out in the daylight as well. These cars aren’t going out of style for a long long time.

tiremag_ertefa_lineupAnd so ends another meet on another weekend. There are many more to come this year so keep an eye on your social media channels for upcoming events! Speaking of social media, if you haven’t already go like us on facebook. We seriously post Facebook ONLY content from time to time there so don’t miss out on anything from us ever! What are you waiting for?!?

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