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Stretch, Poke, Offset, Camber, Tuck, Flush and Fitted are all terms that have filled our ears over the last few years as the Stance game has gone ultra-viral and is the hottest and most sought after look in the automotive scene nowadays.

fitted_kids_4car_lineupIt doesn’t matter whether you think the cars look ‘broken’ or badass, you can’t deny the world’s addiction to the stance scene. It’s hit home hard in the show scene but also reveals its face heavily in the drift scene as well.

fitted_kids_s14After the show n’ shine at Ultimate Autosports the Fitted Kids suggested we go someplace nearby and do a little shoot. We’ve been wanting to shoot Mat’s S14 for a while now and having a few more Fitted cars sounded like a great idea.

fitted_kids_s14_profileThis has been one of our favourite S14s for awhile, dat white pearl with black Work Meister SR1s and of course a shiny blast pipe out the rear.

fitted_kids_mr2Brad’s MR2 was another car that always caught our attention at shows in the GTA. Since we were taking in more detail while trying to capture these cars, I think Matt started falling in love with the little Mid Engine Rear Wheel Sportscar.

fitted_kids_mr2_lowBrad’s MR2 is another whip on our hit list of features for this coming season. Hopefully we can set up something with all 3 of the Fitted Kids cars. Each car is gorgeous in their own right! The MR2 almost looks like a mini exotic car cruising the streets.

fitted_kids_duofitted_kids_s14_mr2_wheelsWhat’s not to like about these two? Like I said even if you’re not into the whole ‘Stance thing’ you got to respect how clean and mean these cars look.

fitted_kids_bmwAnother car that has been getting a lot of love lately is Alex’s BMW 330i. Matte army green and enough dish on those BBS wheels to eat a four course meal off of.

fitted_kids_BMW_low_fullI’m sure Alex turns heads everywhere he goes. The same goes for the other 2 Fitted Kids. Their cars looks just as good in motion as it does standing still. There is something so appealing about a stanced car both in motion and sitting still. I’m sure these photos are proof of that notion.

fitted_kids_BMW_r33Sam came out with the Fitted Kids for the shoot in his R33 Skyline. Just to mix up a little more function set up car in with the form crowd.

fitted_kids_low_line_upIn the Stance world it sometimes boils down to the right set of wheels on the right car. Even if you have the right offset and camber the look of the wheel can still throw off the look of your entire car. We believe they all got right with these choices.

fitted_kids_work_wheelsMR2 – Work Meister SR1 2P White

fitted_kids_worksS14 – Work Meister SR1 3P Black

fitted_kids_wash-the-dishes330i – BBS RS Big Dishes

fitted_kids_slammedIn the future we will be bringing you a more in-depth look at each of these cars as features on our site. But we all know why you read this article, it was too see the sick rollers Matt captured while riding shotty in Ben’s stinky WRX.






fitted_kids_s14_mr2_rollingThese rolling shots pretty much speak for themselves. Awesome cars rolling together taking over the highways. It was a blast to shoot these and all the other photos of these fitted rides. Thanks again to Alex, Brad, Mat, and Sam for letting us drool over their cars and shoot this cool team feature. Be sure to scope out the gallery for more!

Photos and Words: Ben Cuppage and Matt Klinck

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