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Having a line of some of the sickest cars in Ontario following you to a photoshoot is one of coolest things to experience. Then after arriving to the location and watching all of these cars roll in like some real life fast and the furious movie shit is another. I literally had a goose bump moment watching this all happen before my own eyes. Then we got to take action and shoot these one of a kind rides.

imporfest_crew_370z2This hyper yellow bright as the sun 370z is one of my favourite looking cars out on the streets right now. There is NO WAY you could ever miss this Nissan on the road. It literally glows in person, and is one of the hardest cars I’ve experienced taking photos of to get its colour just right.

imporfest_crew_bmw1Then there is the Importfest BMW. This car’s colour is another one of a kind thing. It’s like 50 shades of red! This matte, chrome, one of a kind Double wrap is another thing you just need to see in person.

imporfest_crew_bmw-370_belowThese two definitely stand out in a crowd.

imporfest_crew_vossens2One thing you’ll notice from all these Ifest cars is the wheels. Each one sports a different Vossen wheel and each wheel looks right at home on the cars. Whether you’re into the sport look like the CV1s on the Nismo or something a bit more unique like the CVT rims on the Merc.

imporfest_crew_overdraft_do-workWe had a blast shooting these cars and hanging out with Basit and the Importfest guys, we can’t wait to bring you in-depth features on each of these cars and more! But for now Matt has some more sick coverage for your eyes to drool at.

ifest_crew_1I would have to fully agree with Ben. This was easily is one of the coolest things I’ve had the chance of doing because of Overdraft. This website has given us many great opportunities to do awesome things like this and meet many awesome people. Like minded people. who care about car culture the same way we do.

ifest_crew_3The guys who run Importfest have been doing the show for 10 years now. That right there is true dedication to the culture. They also have dedication towards building some eye catching, neck breaking, show stopping rides. If you haven’t seen the Mellow Z then you are either colour blind or just plain blind. If that’s the case then I’m truly sorry. As for the Importfest BMW, it’s something you really need to see in person. The matte metallic red wrap done by Restyle It in Toronto is a work of art.

ifest_crew_9At first glance it looks like a matte red wrap. When you get closer it has a sort metallic sheen to it. In certain light it almost glows but it almost always has a different red hue each time you look at it. The metallic properties of the wrap really accentuate the lines and shapes of the 645’s body. Now that I’ve stopped drooling I will move on. This shot came out pretty awesome actually. A car and it’s owner. Sublime.


ifest_crew_4Each car looks perfect sitting on unique sets of Vossen wheels. Vossen is a big partner and sponsor of Importfest, so it’s only fitting that their cars would rock Vossen. Both the Importfest BMW and the Mellow Z were featured on the Toronto stop of the Vossen world tour 2013.


ifest_crew_12This photo came out amazing. It was a challenge to scout a location in an area we didn’t know. On top of that organizing these stunning cars to create something interesting for our viewers.

ifest_crew_21It was an absolute pleasure to work with these gorgeous cars. It really gets us excited for Importfest 2014! They don’t call it “Canada’s biggest and baddest” for nothing.

Be sure to check out Importfest in both Toronto and Vancouver this year!




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