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A true car enthusiast is passionate about any and every vehicle, it doesn’t matter make or model. They can appreciate the passion and effort put into a car and look past the car brand. This doesn’t mean every group has to be a melting pot of import, domestic, classic and muscle cars. A group of likeminded people sharing a similar interest can do wonders for the local car scene.

Recently I had the opportunity to close the door on my igloo in the great white north and head south cross the border. The trip was meant as a vacation but squeezing in some tuned cars and curvy mountain roads wasn’t an issue at all. While down in the southern states I had the chance to meet a small portion of a local AWD group.


The New Mexico All Wheel Drive Community is a dedicated group of people who came together sharing a love for cars but brought together by a driveline capable of some ridiculous flat spins. The “community” as they refer to themselves, I find is a very generic term. After spending an afternoon with them and sitting down to dinner I learned two things: first, pre-order your food and second, the term “family” is more fitting. These men and women are in it for all the right reasons, they are there to have a good time and won’t let anything get in the way of that. The night was full of laughs, smiles and good times; I think I even saw a strawberry daiquiri being tossed around with pinkies out!


With great people comes great cars, the local AWD community holds it down. New Mexico All Wheel Drive was a group started by a local Subaru owner Steven Hatley and since forming just a quick 6 months ago it has grown quickly. Unfortunately Steven couldn’t attend the shoot but I hope the small part of his creation I captured makes him proud. Working with short notice and sunlight disappearing quickly a small group of this 150+ member community congregated in a parking lot to pose for the camera.

DSC03384  DSC03405

To the average person these cars may all look the same, but it’s the little things that make a car personal and unique. Whether it be a lip, grill, headlights or hood it all sets owners apart and the possibilities are endless.

DSC03598  DSC03583

Standing out or blending in is usually one of the first decisions when planning mods for your car. Matt’s wicked orange beast is quite the neck breaker, you can spot him rolling from a mile away when the sun catches the “Tangerine pearlescent” paint.

The heart of Matt’s ride is a built STI engine sporting ACL bearings, Perrin fuel rails and lines, 1000cc injectors and upgraded wahlbro 340lph fuel pump are just a few parts on the list. Previous dyno results before the build had this STI sitting around 380 whp and 483 tq after being tuned by Cam Tuning.

DSC03579Putting a little stance on the sedan is Tein pro-line springs with a decent drop at 2” and a set of XXR 530 wheels sitting flush with the fenders thanks to some 5mm spacers for added Brembo clearance.


Keep it simple, keep it functional. Roone is keeping this WRX looking like the average snowboard hauling hatch but it’s what you don’t see that matters.


Nicely tucked under that scoop sits a VF52 turbo spooling through a 3″ catted downpipe finished off with a 3″ straight pipe giving this boxer some rumble. Beefing up the driveline with a stage 1 racing clutch making sure all that power makes it to the wheels. Currently running with a 16psi tune done by Cam tuning this wrx is boasting a healthy 280 awhp keeping those civics in their place ;)

DSC03541  DSC03536  DSC03416

Unfortunately Rob’s WRX was involved in a little mishap before we had the chance to shoot it. He showed his faith in subarus by owning not 1 but 2!


DSC03417I’ve been told that after I left he has picked up a set of wheels and plans to get a little stance on this Fozzy.

DSC03414  DSC03495

Holding it down for car enthusiast with an XX chromosome is Emily and Alison! I’ll keep this short because we may see more of these 2 later on!


Alison’s 05 STI has been kept clean and simple and theirs nothing wrong with that. I was told no wheel close ups but surprisingly they fit the car quite nicely, even though they came from the dark side.

DSC03509  DSC03505

Its a Bird! It’s a Plane! No it’s Emily’s STI!….maybe.. debadging the trunk is a quick, simple way of cleaning up the clutter of emblems and dealer markings.

emily4Work or play Emily’s WRX is ready for anything, Fill up those racks and hit the slopes! Adding some rumble to the boxer is a turbo back exhaust and making some power with a custom tune done by Cam. Keeping Emily carving the mountain roads is a set of D spec Tokico shocks and springs alongside an Exedy clutch.


Poking through some Drag wheels is a set of dual piston Subaru callipers that add some serious bite when pushing the limits.


Although outnumbered, A.J and his Evo came out and held their own.

DSC03484  DSC03485

Sitting stealthy peeking out of the rear bumper is a turbo back Megan exhaust adding a deep growl and letting the motor breathe.


Under the hood A.J has installed a Hallman manual boost controller as well as a competition clutch and lightweight flywheel combo making sure the power makes it to the ground. Along with these goodies the redline has been raised as well as the two step cut off allowing some serious fun out on the streets.


Sporting a big frosty smile is Leonard’s 07 STI, judging by the size of that intercooler this 4 door means business.


Clean! But just like our mothers told us “it’s what is on the inside that counts”


When Leonard decided it was time to wake this STI up he did it right. Cracking open the block it was torn apart and honed as well as having all pistons, rods and bearings replaced. After a final rotating assembly inspection a new set of more aggressive cam’s were thrown in. Finishing up the build with an HKS manual boost controller, Perrin fuel rails, FMIC and cold air intake as well as Perrin equal length headers, 3″ up pipe and downpipe mated up to a HKS catback exhaust. All of this work wasn’t a waste, after the internals were beefed up a Garrett GT35R was bolted up and it was all put to the test making a respectable 465 awhp and 392 ft-lbs on pump gas. Big ups to Boost inc. and Cam tuning on this ride!

DSC03460 DSC03473

Confidence is key! Loving the plate!


I’m a little bit biased but I love the blue on Tyler’s Wagon, at first glance it looks like the average weekend warrior ready to climb its way up the mountain and hit the slopes but the ride up will be just as exciting as the ride down.


Under that scoop is a modded WRX boxer engine. With a VF48 turbo bolted up and sitting pretty under a Cusco turbo heat shield and flowing out of a Cobb rep Turbo back exhaust equipped with a bellmouth downpipe, this wagon will move. To keep Tyler’s WRX spooling it breathes through a BPM turbo inlet and cooled through an upgraded STI intercooler. Keeping the fuel flowing is a set of blue Denso fuel injectors, all of these parts working together makes for one wicked trip when those Yakima racks are loaded up with toys.


Keeping the car planted to the pavement is a set of Tein S-Tech springs killing some wheel gap but not ruining his back road adventures.


Anyone who mods a car knows that the journey never ends, there is always one more part to get before you’re satisfied. Nicholas has begun the modification game with his STI, under the hood sits an Injector Dynamics Fuel kit that is being fed by a Walbro 255LPH pump. Bolted up to the heart of the sedan is an Invidia turbo back exhaust working along side that fuel kit pumping E85 through the beast. Making the most out of the mods is a custom tune by Cam tuning, starting to see a trend here?


Another car sporting the shaved trunk look, although Nicholas chose to keep the STI badging to let people know this 4 door can keep up with the best.

DSC03425  DSC03616  DSC03611  DSC03619  DSC03660  DSC03621

DSC03576  DSC03636

Riding in style! You can always hear this group coming.


Here we go! The return of the ladies! Emily and Alison have no problem being out numbered by the boys, they slam gears, mod cars and look good doing it!


Had to show a little extra love to these girls so off to a second location we went. What’s better than a car picture? A car picture with girls!


They own them, they mod them, they drive the hell out of them.

DSC03705In them or on them it doesn’t matter, these ladies are keeping it real.

DSC03715 DSC03474

I’ll be bringing this coverage of the New Mexico All Wheel Drive community to a close but before I do time for some honourable mentions. First off Cam Tuning, from what I have heard Cameron is the go to tuner of the group and based on the stories Cam is a master at what he does! When it’s time to build a monster or keep up with maintenance Boost Inc. is where you should go! Harrison and the gang seem to be very popular in the scene and the community had nothing but great things to say about them. If you ever find yourself in the New Mexico area make sure you stop in and see these guys! And if you happen to hear a boxer cruising by you better wave, you might have just read about the owner!
Big thank you to the members I met and the homely welcome! I hope to back one day!
Stay boosting my friends.
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