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Oh Hot Damn! This Lexus was kicking it all kinds of sideways at Shannonville for the last TOPP Drift event of the year. I’m so in love with this car.

I enjoy every direction the owner took this car in. It’s super unreal, other than that massive turbo that’s right in your face let us get a little closer and look at a few of the other details that jumped out at me.

Just look at those absolutely ridiculous external wastegates! Glorious.

More external things! Just love how the owner mounted the gauges outside the cabin. It screams I’m a Drift Demon!

Inside the vehicle mirrored how the outside looked. Built simply to destroy.

As I was snapping pics I was told (assuming by the owner?) to make sure I get a shot of the sticker in the back. I’m glad I got one, this is indeed a slick sticker.

Another reason why I thoroughly adored this beast. DAT WING. Captain prepare for liftoff.

This is the main reason why this IS300 deserved it’s own highlight. The sights and sounds this vehicle gave off were pure ecstasy. The sound of the 2JZ hitting the redline gives you chills, and with the turbo spool you can’t help but laugh and smile with happiness.

I was so close to picking up a 5speed Is300 once, this makes me regret my decision not too. I know the power would be drastically different but I still think they’re sick hidden gems in the drift world. If anyone knows the owner tell him Overdraft wants to know more about this car and get this thing Featured!

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