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This Sexy Stanced Audi A4 is for sale. In fact it’s been for sale for awhile. Shayan’s basically rebuilt this entire A4 from the ground up twice over and I don’t know if he could really let it go. Oh, and yes it is Static.

Stanced Audi A4For some people getting rid of a car is easy: Buy, beat, sell. OR Buy, clean, sell. OR Buy, build, want to sell… maybe. It’s different with everyone. Sometimes you can go through the motions of hating and loving your very own piece of shit you burn money with.

Static Audi A4Shayan’s been toying with the idea of getting rid of his static A4. Toying so far as putting up Kijiji ads. Will this be the end of his A4 adventures? If it’s indeed the end, I’d say he picked a good place to stop. I’m not sure what else he could do to the Audi to ‘complete’ it. It’s pretty dang perfect. (Just racked up a 1st place at Berlin Klassik, and a 2nd at Vagkraft for Audi B6 (A4, S4)).

Audi AssI honestly don’t even know where to begin as the car’s list is quite extensive. I’ll just highlight a few things with these photos and you can just read the full list at the end of the article if you’re interested. First off the entire car is wrapped in a Matte Grey wrap with satin black accents. Now let’s take a moment and admire that fitment.

Audi Static StanceThe A4’s drop is brought to you by K-Sport Coilovers, SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms, and FCP Lower Control Arms & Sway Bar Bushings. Only reason you can see under the vehicle is because I’m literally lying down on the ground to take this shot.

A4 BayThe engine definitely has not been ignored. The Audi is rocking a Garret GT2871R Eliminator Stage 3 Turbo, Port and Polished Exhaust Manifold as well as a basket full of other goodies.

Audi A4 InteriorI absolutely love what Audi does with the interior. Haven’t been in one that hasn’t looked like a secret agent car. Shayan’s got a mix match of parts that puts his A4’s interior above anyone else’s I’ve seen. A 2010 B8 A4 Multifunction Steering Wheel Retrofit as well as some Podi and VEI gauges. A 2004 B6 S4 black headliner swap and a bunch of the pieces he’s grabbed from new A4s.

A4 cabinBig ass 2012+ Seat Exeo Navigation Unit just chilling in the middle console.

Slammed Audi A4The exterior has been upgraded with an Ultrasport front bumper with OEM grilles, Cupra R lip, and RS4 style front grille.

Rota Grids Audi A4The Audi prances about in its Aspen White painted Rota Grids.

Rota Grids WhiteAt each four corners are the 6 spoke beauts, 18″ in diameter and 9.5″ in width. Power-Slot Rotors and Hawk HPS pads lie behind the white faces.

Nankang NS-2Hugging the Rotas are Nankang NS-2s tires: 225/40/18

Audi A4 StaticWe lost the light pretty fast and had to make due with a nearby light.

A4 assDat ass in the light. The custom 3″ V-band adapted downpipe leads fumes through the 2.75″ Magnaflow exhaust for satisfying grunt out the rear.

shadow a4I’m glad I finally got around to featuring this car, it’s been a long time coming.

Lit up Static Audi A4 in the nightWe were talking that night about how much our clunkers cost (as usual) and how cheaping out shouldn’t be looked down on as much as it is in car culture. Shayan spent most of his budget on the engine, so when it came time to fit some wheels the funds were a little exhausted. Even still, I think he made it work. Replica wheels help you get the look of the wheels of your dreams at the fraction of the cost.

A4 barndoorWe can’t all be ballers and make thousands a day. Most of us with heart aren’t. It’s the cars that are built with passion that make the difference not the ones built with straight money. “It’s not about money, it’s about passion.” -Shayan, I couldn’t have said it any better.

Good luck with the sale (unless you change your mind ;) ) and hope your A4’s new owner has half the passion you do.


2003 Audi A4 1.8T Static & Daily Driven

Engine and Performance

  • Eurodyne ME7 – (613b6 tuned)
  • Garret GT2871R Eliminator Stage 3 Turbo
  • Port and Polished Exhaust Manifold
  • VR6 Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Gates Racing Timing Belt
  • Integrated Engineering Timing Belt Kit w/ Manual Tensioner
  • Integrated Engineering Rods
  • Calico Bearings (main/rod)
  • Marshal Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • Injector Dynamics 725cc Fuel Injectors
  • Aeromotive Wet0willy01 340 in-tank Fuel Pump
  • Bosch BKR7E-11 Iridium Spark Plugs
  • 2.0T Coil Pack Upgrade W/ INA spacers
  • Custom 3” V-band Adapted Downpipe
  • AWE Tuning Front Mount Intercooler
  • 034 Inlet Pipe / 034 breather kit
  • Forge Manual Boost Controller
  • Forge Diverter Valve
  • Magnaflow 2.75” Exhaust
  • Snow Performance Stage 2 Kit
  • USRT Throttle Body Spacer
  • Clutchmasters Stage 4 Six Puck Clutch Kit w/ L.W Flywheel
  • PSI Concepts Braided Coolant Lines & Oil Return

Suspension, Wheels, Brakes

  • Rota Grid 18×9.5 – Painted Aspen White
  • Nankang NS-2 – 225/40/18
  • K-Sport Coil-overs
  • SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms
  • FCP- Lower Control Arms & Sway Bar Bushings
  • Meyle Heavy Duty Tie Rods
  • Power-Slot Rotors
  • Hawk HPS Pads


  • Matte Grey Vehicle Wrap with Satin Black Accents
  • Ultrasport Front Bumper with OEM Grilles
  • Cupra R Lip
  • RS4 Style Front Grille
  • Custom Retrofitted Bi-Xenon Projectors Morimoto Stage 3 Elite Kit
  • Audi Bi-Xenon European Imported Headlights (Originally Single Xenon)
  • OSRAM 5000k DS-2 Low Beam Bulb Upgrade
  • OSRAM 3000K H11 Fog Light Upgrade
  • BA9 Amber LED City Lights
  • Light Smoke Film Tinted Tail Lights
  • LED Tail Light Bulbs
  • OEM Audi Ultrasport Door Blades
  • Reiger Tuning Rear Spoiler (Discontinued)


  • 2012+ Seat Exeo Navigation Unit (Traffic Monitoring, 32GB SD Cards)
  • 2010 B8 A4 Multifunction Steering Wheel Retrofit
  • 2004 B6 S4 Headliner Swap (Black)
  • 2007 B7 A4 Glove Box W/ 6 Disc Changer Retrofit
  • 2007 B7 A4 Center Console Retrofit W/ E-Brake (Cup holders)
  • 2006 Audi A1 Euro Perforated Shift Knob
  • Podi Dual Pod Steering Wheel Gauge Housing
  • Podi Boost Gauge
  • VEI Digital Dual Display – Oil Press / AFR
  • VEI AFR Wideband Controller
  • VEI Oil Pressure Sender
  • Matte Grey Colour Matched Beltline Trim
  • Full LED Interior & Comfort Lights
  • Dual Card Holder Retrofit (drink ejector delete)
  • Funk Button w/ Meth Indication Light
  • Upgraded 2008 Keyfobs w/ Window Control
  • RE- SXX-10 Subwoofer, 1000 Watts RMS, 10” Woofer
  • Memphis 16-ST1000D Class D, Monoblock Amplifier @ 1Ω
  • Infinity Component Speakers W/ Tweeter & Crossovers (Stock Amplifier)

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