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The third and final degree took a great deal of time to get up on the site. It’s almost fitting as the third degree can represent a car that has been through multiple changes and is nearing a completed look. Now, let’s take a closer look at this Bagged A3.

The car that sits belly down before you has been through a few changes but within a rather ‘short’ period of time instead. As soon as Jeff acquired his ‘Ava’ he had a vision. He knew he’d want to show her off to world before he even made the purchase.

Soon after the purchase the modifications began. Jeff installed a set of VMaxx coilovers and after just 3 short months he decided it was time to bag it.

So glad he made that decision. Fun fact #1 this is the first bagged vehicle featured on our site! Fun fact #2 Jeff took home 1st place at the Berlin Klassik show for best Audi A3.

Jeff went with Air lift air suspension with the autopilot v2 digital management as Ava’s new set up.

Ava’s got some ‘Junk’ in the trunk. This custom trunk setup features a 5 gallon tank with custom straps, Brass fittings to custom steel hardlines to a water trap mounted behind tank. Air setups are almost like a separate part of customization in their own right. Each owner seems to have a setup semi unique to them. Some are more purpose built, where others can be almost art pieces.

18×8 et 35 BBS LM-R replicas tuck neatly into the fenders equipped with 215/35r18 falken ziex ze912 tires. 10mm spacers help out the back to give it a little more offset lovin’.

Not much has been done engine wise yet but Jeff plans on a front mount and a stage 2 tune hopefully next year. As it sits now Ava currently is equipped with a short ram intake.

Love Audi interiors.

Reach for the sky partner! Talk about a big ass moonroof.

These gloves are just a little detail that tie Jeff’s ride to Devan’s.

And the chive sticker on the back ties Jeff’s ride to Kyle’s. Chive on! See what we did there? We found small details that link all 3 cars together!


The idea we had behind these posts was an interesting one. Each post would consist of two photographer’s take on a photoshoot of the same car as well as a collaboration with the writing of the article. Unfortunately for this article Ben’s Hard Drive failed and we lost that side of the coverage. Fortunately Matt got enough shots of the A3 to cover the entire feature. This unexpected turn of events resulted in the feature being postponed. Sorry Jeff!

No matter what differences we may have we all share a common passion. Each degree that separates us from each other just further broadens our car culture as a whole. It’s an infinite loop that connects us together at the same time. One group may choose to drive the same make of car, where others may choose to clad their cars in the same colour. Each mind approaches everything differently but we also seek input or influence from people around us. Both our own ideas and the ideas of others help our community grow toward the future. From show car to track monster. From daily driver to trailer queen. Cars are cars no matter what. In the end we are all linked together,  with varying degrees of separation between us. -Words by Matt and Ben

2006 Audi A3

Suspension, Wheels, Brakes

  • Air lift air suspension with autopilot v2 digital management
  • 18×8 et 35 bbs lm-r replicas
  • 215/35r18 falken ziex ze912
  • 10mm rear spacers

Engine & Performance

  • Short ram intake


  • Black front grill
  • Clear bumper markers
  • De-badged hatch


  • Custom Trunk: 5 gallon tank with custom straps, brass fittings to custom steel hardlines to a water trap mounted behind tank

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