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Every build goes through a variety of stages but sooner or later we all get bit by The Mod Bug. A motivation behind certain cars is to go faster, harder, and enjoy every moment of it. Kyle’s Bugeye WRX is the second degree so to speak. It’s built with a direction in mind to suit a specific purpose: Built to be driven.

Subaru Bugeye sedan

The WRX’s fate was determined long before Kyle made his mind up. The WRX’s bloodline traces back to a rally heritage. The car was designed to go balls to the wall. As much as one may try to break free of its fate some things are meant to be.

wrx bay

His Bugeye WRX cranks about 240 horsepower to all four wheels. So far Kyle’s equipped the whip with an Injen short ram intake, Perrin turbo inlet hose, HKS blow off valve, and Grimmspeed Electronic Boost Controller. Getting real serious he’s done an A/C delete. Because racecar right?

wrx bug eye faceThe exterior of the car hasn’t been left in the dark either with a STI wing, white hella horns and front license plate delete / relocate.

Wrx side profileThe car achieves better handling with a lower centre of gravity thanks to a set of Cusco Zero 2r Coilovers. The handling is further improved thanks to a whiteline rear strut tower brace, whiteline front endlinks, and front and rear camber plates. Using -1.75 camber in the front and -2 in the rear.

WRX Rota GridMaintaining grip is important when pushing your car to the limits. This is accomplished by a set of 225/45/17 Nitto Invos. Wrapped around 17×8 Hyper Black Rota Grids.

wrx bootyWhen the car was built to rock out of the box you don’t need to do much to improve a winning formula. The STi spoiler was added for extra downforce plus it doesn’t look half bad.

wrx interiorSit down, shut up, he’s fucking got this.

Chive onChive on! Another detail that ties everything together.

guttedGutted because racecar. No Free rides. No rides at all.

wrx front

wrx black and white

Rally ArmorRally Armor and Subaru go together like Colin McRae and Nicky Grist.

wrx mug

Wrx angleAs much as car shows and meets are something we like to enjoy. Motorsports are an even bigger part of car culture as a whole. You should take the time to go to a motorsport event be it time attack, drag, drift, whatever. There is something out there for all of us to enjoy. There’s so much to car culture, we’d be fools not to take advantage of everything it offers. Automotive Lifestyle is like a fancy feast. Meets are the appetizers it’s something we can all share together. Car shows are like the salads, with a variety of things to see and do. Motorsport events are the main entrees, a big helping of automotive passion in it’s raw form… cooked to perfection. Finally the desert at the end is the satisfaction of it all: Meeting new people, enriching yourself, and creating memories. Get out there and indulged in the automotive feast. -Words by Matt and Ben

2002 Subaru Impreza WRX

Engine and Performance

  • Neetronics Protune
  • Injen Short Ram Intake
  • Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose
  • HKS blow off valve
  • A/C delete
  • Grimmspeed EBCS
  • Mishimoto auxiliary hose kit
  • Mishimoto Rad

Suspension, Wheels, Brakes

  • Cusco Zero 2R Coilovers
  • Front and Rear Camber plates
  • Whiteline rear strut tower brace
  • Whiteline front endlinks
  • Rota Grids Hyper Black 17×8
  • Nitto Invo 225/45/17
  • Power-Slot Rotors
  • Hawk HPS Pads


  • STi Wing
  • Debaged trunk
  • Hella horns painted white
  • Front license plate delete/relocate


  • Prosport 60mm gauges
  • boost exhaust temp oil pressure
  • Rear seat/inside of the trunk delete + spare tire, jack, etc.
  • Sti cluster
  • Pioneer deck

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