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tsx_front_mugWhen we choose to indulge in the modification of cars we all must start somewhere. We choose a platform we like for varying reasons and get to work. Each build or project goes through stages/phases along the route to completion. From beginning, middle, end, and everything in between the car takes on many forms before the owner decides when it’s finished. Deven’s 2005 Acura TSX is the first degree as we shall call it. It’s the humble start to something with endless possibilities.

TSX-shadow-wallpaperDeven’s Acura TSX is a good example that it doesn’t take much to make your car unique to yourself. From beginning to end, each car you own goes through it’s own progression. From the first choice of what make and model you want to the first modification, each step is decided by the owner alone. Some choices of course are sometimes limited by the money factor.

lowered Acura TSXDeven started the TSX off right by dropping it down to the ground. To achieve “Chanel’s” drop Deven used Form and Functions Type 1 Coilovers. The drop initially was a lot lower but he got sick of dealing with the wonderful driveway slant every day.

white clean TSXThe roof is painted gloss black to set it apart. It’s the little things that help make our cars something unique to us and our tastes.

BBS LM RepsChanel’s shoes are a set of BBS LMR Replicas size¬†18×8. Wrapped around the Reps are 215/35r18s.

TSX hood up

VtecThe heart remains untouched at the moment. Chanel is more focused on her looks until that Vtec kicks in…

TSX Tail

TSX rear

TSX interior

TSX ProfileWe asked Deven what he has planned next for the Acura TSX: “Future plans for this car is Honda Accord CL9 euro r front grill and badges also oem euro r front and rear lip and sides, looking into hopefully running ksport air lift kit next year. Custom trunk set up with hardwood flooring and 15″ sub.”

Deven's AcuraThe most important factor to a car is the owner. It’s the individual that makes a hunk of metal interesting. We as owners take what we get from the factory and make it truly unique and personal to us.

GlovesWe also found some small details that tie the three cars together. It relates back to the 3 degrees of separation and how everything can all be linked together. It will all make sense in the following posts.

Acura TSX faceWe have to remember that everyone has different tastes, styles, budgets, and goals for their cars. “To each their own” is a very fitting saying. Hate is sadly something so prevalent in car culture these days. We need to take a step back and put aside those views. We should instead be taking the time to make friends and begin building bonds. We here at Overdraft have always believed that’s what it is all about. Not to take away from any car but the people should always come first. What keeps the automotive industry going through the rising gas prices, harassment from authorities, and cost of parts is the community. It’s all about creating something worth doing and sharing with people and having fun doing it. It’s quite simply put: auto life. ¬†-Words by Matt and Ben


2005 Acura TSX

Wheels and Suspension

  • Form and Function Type 1 Coilovers
  • BBS LMR Replicas 18×8
  • 215/35r18 tires


  • Roof Painted Gloss Black

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