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jeff_forester_trailer_full_1Get used to seeing this because you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the future. Let me formally introduce you to Jeff H’s creation known simply as “Fort”.

jeff_forester_rearLet me start off by giving you a little background on who Jeff is. Jeff works as a head mechanic at a local Subaru dealership. He and his wife Heather share a huge passion for things that go! Even their young daughter is showing a budding passion for cars. I consider Jeff, Heather, and their kids my extended family. My Subaru family if you will.

jeff_forester_trailer_fortBoth Jeff and Heather have gone out of their way to help me out countless times. Be it helping out with my old car when the engine went, to helping with my new car. They’re always willing to lend a hand when I’m in need and I can’t thank them enough for that. So it means a lot for me to do this feature and show some love back to them.

jeff_foresterJeff’s 2001 Forester is kept pretty simple as he uses it as a daily driver. A set of Tein basic coilovers bring the car closer to earth and an axle back exhaust livens the car up a bit. He also has an audio system taking up room in the hatch which is part of the reasoning behind making the trailer. This trailer is not just for turning heads, it sees it’s fair share of use.

jeff_forester_wheelsIt all started with me being in the market for a new car. Jeff had suggested that I part the Forester out to make more money then it’s worth in scrap. A few days later I received a message asking, “can I have your car?” When I asked why, the decision was quickly made without a second guess. We rolled the car into the shop at Davenport Subaru and started the tear down. Just to clarify, from breaking the first bolt to cutting my old car in half all the work was done by Jeff, Heather, and myself. It was a day I won’t soon forget but it was quite fun.

jeff_forester_trailer_lowAfter the car was split Jeff and Heather took the back half to Andy’s Auto Body to have the car converted into the trailer you see here. From start to finish the project took two and a half weeks to complete. It was a race against time to complete it before the 10th annual TSC Hyper Meet but they got it done.

jeff_forester_trailer_hillJeff and Heather made sure to pay attention to the details. The trailers wheels were painted black and pinstriped to match (as seen in the 5th photo).


jeff_forester_trailer_interior_2Heather redid all the interior panels in this awesome ripped winter camo pattern. The headliner was also trimmed and fit back into place. Heather even made sure to wire up the power locks and windows. The doors lock with the main key fob and the windows roll down from a custom switch beside the ebrake. She also made sure to wire up all the lighting including the original brake, turn, and reverse lights.

jeff_forester_trailer_rear_fullThe trailer was resprayed black to match Jeff’s car as it was originally silver when I owned it. The body of the trailer was welded onto a 2 inch tube chassis frame. Sections of the body were cut out to have the trailer sit the same as the Forester.

jeff_forester_trailer_sideThe roof rails were cut and shortened to look almost factory. A set of ’02 Legacy side skirts were fitted and wrapped around to trim the trailer up nicely. Also you will notice in the 3rd picture of this post Jeff and I even mocked up a “false” exhaust pipe.

jeff_forester_mug_shotRelics of the past and what once was. Clearly Jeff has supported us since day 1. Our old name and logo personalize his front grille. Jeff even made sure to match the stickers on the trailer to his rear bumper. He also wanted to pay tribute to me by keeping all of my old stickers on the car. It servers as a fun reminder for those who remember when it was mine.

jeff_forester_low_frontThe “Fort” made a very successful debut at Hyper Meet on August 11th. I think more pictures were taken of it then possibly any other car at the event! Jeff has also told me stories of people taking photos when he takes the trailer out and about. Like a crazy fellow Subaru driver using a DSLR to snap photos while driving!

jeff_forester_trailer_night_1My first attempts at long exposure photography. I will be sure to try this again sometime as I had fun giving it a shot.

jeff_forester_trailer_night_2It truly brings a smile to my face and the faces of many others seeing what Jeff, Heather and I have created. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you do it yourself with the help of friends and family.

Thank you once again to Jeff and Heather for everything they’ve done for me. I hope this is one little step in repaying you for your endless kindness.

“Have fun, be fun!”

-Drift Union



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