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rx7_1Finally I’m here to round out our coverage of Importfest 2013. You can finally stop holding your breath! I’m going to keep my words few and the photos plenty, so sit back and enjoy.


bmw_1Nothing like a clean BMW with a classy set of wheels. There really isn’t much you need to do to a BMW to make it look amazing.



pink_civic_bayGirls just ate this civic up, so much so that I was asked to take a picture of 2 girls with the car. I can totally see why they love it and I don’t blame them at all.

dj_matrixThe Genesis is becoming more and more popular as a platform now a days. There was one in every flavour and colour you could imagine.

gc8This ultra clean GC coupe was very well put together and I’m sure it gets ample use too.


s2k_lineI feel a comment about “tasting the rainbow” is very fitting right about now. S2k’s have always been some of the best looking stanced cars out there.

gt5_sonyThere was lots to see and do at Import fest. Sony had a GT5 setup for people to mess around with and it was busy all day long.

mr_cleeen_frontI’m pretty sure he was trying to convince his wife to let him get one. I’m sure she must have approved of the colour at least.

mr_cleeen_brakesLots of people where admiring this purple beauty. Whats not to love about 12 pot breaks?!


next_mod_gtr_cscsFACT: GT-R’s are 100% guaranteed to turn heads no matter where they are. It also helps if it’s a Next Mod GT-R…. just saying.

vossen_infinity_1The Vossen wheels booth had some mighty fine looking cars on display.

vossen_infinity_blackThis was probably one of my favourite cars at the event. It just looked so damn good sitting on those Vossen wheels only inches off the ground.


merc_vossenRounding out the Vossen display was a set of sexy Mercs. All 4 cars deserved the red carpet they were parked on. Sometimes you don’t need to over do it to make a statement and just let the car speak for itself.

civic_bum_shotI’m sure it’s pretty obvious as to why I’m using this picture… It’s because this civic is pretty dang clean that’s why.

dart_domoHuge thanks to Ash for always showing our site support and thanks for getting Rob a spot in the show. His bagged Dodge Dart is pretty dang sweet too boot. He recently blew the engine and I’m sure something cool is in the works to replace it.

genny_peace Dueces! Danny’s Genesis is always looking fly as hell. Yet another person who has shown us support with what we do with the site.

srt_charger_fullAsh, Rob and Danny were situated in with the Nokturnal car club. All very cool people with very unique styles in modifying their platforms of choice.

srt_charger_winningThis Charger may not be everyone’s personal taste but you sure can’t argue with that resume.

zombie_srt  Another member of the Nokturnal Mopar family. This Dodge sported loads of custom work with paint and body work done by Ash at Ground’d.


zombie_srt_hoodAs much as there was a lot going on with this car the detail was clearly in the paint.

zombie_detailIt took quite a few walks around the car to take everything in. The little zombie detail was a great little touch to the whole theme. The glitter in the paint was also very cool to look at from different angles.

zombie_kids_1Ignore my mug in the top corner for a second. The owners children also received the full zombie treatment. I think it’s a very cool way to keep your kids with you and it totally keeps with the theme.

zombie_kids_2Kudos to the owner for pulling it all together and making it unique. These were only a few of the cars holding it down for Nokturnal and they had some interesting cars on display.

lights_outThen they decided to turn down all the lights. It made me really regret not bringing my tripod because after that it made my job harder.

spoon_integra_robWe decided it was a good time to take a pizza dinner break and look over our results. With so many cars to look at it was easy for something to distract me.

spoon_integra_2As much as the lighting really sucked when the lights went down, I’m very pleased with how these next few shots turned out. This is probably my favorite shot from the whole day. I really enjoy the lighting on this yellow Spoon Integra.

spoon_integra_1I know you’ve seen this bay in the previous post but how can you not like how damn clean this is. This is a very well put together example of a near perfect JDM Integra. No stance, no crazy stickers, no bull, all businesses.

spoon_civicDirectly beside the yellow jacket was another clean example of Honda goodness.

spoon_civic_bayAside from the DC logo this engine bay looks like it came straight from the factory.

ryde_sic_merc Sic Ryde! How about you pass the keys on over to me please!

ryde_sic_wheelsI really like this Merc and the choice of wheels is pretty awesome too. They are something I personally haven’t seen before and they tie the car together nicely.

pat_cyr_86I couldn’t finish off my post without a shout out to one my favourite drift pilots, Mr. Pat Cyr. He brought out the 86 with his newer sponsor, Eneos motor oils. It was awesome to chat with him for a little bit about the new car and just drifting in general. Pat has to be one of the nicest most humble people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. If you ever get the chance to watch him drift do not pass it up. Also make sure you go meet him and you’ll understand why I speak so highly of him. We will be sure to try and support Pat and his beastly 86 more in the future. I also would like to give a huge shout out to Amy and Curt from Dead Machine Co. I finally met Amy that day and got to talk to her about pretty much everything. Amy and Curt get it, they understand what this is all about. They also get what Overdraft is all about and the same can be said for us of Dead Machine. It’s really great to meet people who are in the culture for the same reasons you are. It really makes you feel grounded and remember to keep an open view on everything. We have plans to work with Amy and Curt in the near future so stick around for that!

natalia_rob_genesis_domoI will finish off with a perfect segue for my next little post. Meet the lovely miss Natalia G, posing with Rob’s Genesis and the ever popular Domo. Don’t worry folks, there is plenty more where this came from! I would like to thank Natalia for being such a blast to work with. Also thanks to Nokturnal for setting this mini photo shoot up.  Be sure to come back for more because I know you want to.

All in all Import Fest was a pretty fun time. So many awesome cars and awesome people. I will be sure to attend the show again next year and bring you more wicked coverage.

“Have fun, be fun!”

– Drift Union

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