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The biggest baddest car show in Ontario known as Importfest was back with a vengeance in 2013. So many nice cars were present. I hope I can bring forth their majesty in my photos. If I missed your car I’m terribly sorry as I ran out of battery! Grrrr! Also turning off the lights didn’t help much for us photographers either.

Dodge Dart Air BagsAsh from Ground’d Kustoms hung out with us for majority of the day. Reppin’ the Nokturnal crew, as well as getting Rob (Overdraft member) a spot in the show. This is his aired out Dodge Dart that turned tons of heads during the show.

Marker Custom Dodge DartHere’s Ash drawing on his brand new Dart. It is amazing the kind of comments he receives when marker-ing up his ride. I didn’t get a shot of the finished work of art on my camera due to battery fail. Hope one of the other guys got a shot of it!

Natalia Model Dodge DartNatalia modelling with the Dart. Only real good shot I got. If you thought the dart got people looking, get a model to pose with it and suddenly the car vanishes. It was pretty hilarious and also pretty creepy how many people stop and drop everything to snap a few photos.. or video?!

Dodge Dart Aired OutGrab one of our cards! Just try it! These were not moving anywhere, you could tug with both arms and you’d probably rip the card before removing it. Also Monster Energy Drink Center Caps! Uh- YUP!

Low Hyundai GenesisRob’s Genesis beside Danny’s.

Genesis Police LightsRob had his Police Lights all set up for showing off. They looked even cooler when the lights got dimmed. Also notice the domo again. Domos were everywhere!

Golden Low MiataI love this Miata. The lens I was using for Importfest was my new 35mm, I love the lens but I had to backup quite far from the cars to get them all in the shot. Importfest was packed with cars which was awesome but limited how much I could back away from the subject. Also Double Domo all the way across the sky.

Huge Domo MiataThis Domo was probably a real person staying really still, watching and making sure no one touched the Miata. HUGE DOMO!

RWD Static Slammed WRXJeff’s car was over at the Subaru booth. Looking so clean and mean. IMO should’ve taken home a trophy. ;)

WRB STI ForesterRemington’s Foz was helping hold down the Subaru fort as well.

Clean Low GolfIt was amazing how clean people got their cars for Importfest.

NIssan 350z

Audi TT Volk Racing


Honda S2000

Acura RSX

RSX Turbo

Nissan 240sx Kouki

Volkswagen GTI

Mazda 3 Slammed

Twin Turbo Lexus

Slammed BMW

Nissan 370z


Nissan GTR

Honda Prelude

Boosted Integra

IntegraThis Integra was so clean it was ridiculous. Also take a look at that External Wastegate, gnarrrley!

Honda Civic EGThis EG civic was super clean too.

Honda Civic EGGot some neat shots of it so I thought I’d share.

Honda Valve Cover DC Shoes

Toyota MR2Love this Toyota MR2. Aweeee yea.

Despicable Me MinionMinion!

Importfest BMWThe Importfest BMW had its own special photo booth spot. Rocking Vossen rims.

Hyundai Genesis Red ChromeRestyle It was wrapping some pretty sweet colours on a lot of cars at Importfest this year.

Nissan Skyline R32This R32 Skyline was amazing. Not sure on what width the tires were but they looked massive.

Scion FR-SScion FR-S is a super popular platform nowadays but there’s still a few that stand out from the crowd. Nextmod installed a Rocket Bunny Kit on this bad boy and it looks amazing.

Scion FR-S Pat CyrPat Cyr’s is by far my favourite FR-S. Such a cool guy and such a cool car. Check out Cyrious Garageworks and our buddies Deadmachine while you’re at it.

Pat Cyr Scion Work WheelsDrift Posse Badassery at its finest.

Nissan Silvia S15Another DMCC vehicle. This S15 converted 240 was looking badass as well.

Nissan V10 SwapThis car was the only dirty car at the entire show. Both dirty because the owner didn’t clean it and dirty because he fit a V10 in the s-chassis.

Nissan Silvia V10

Nissan 350zThis security guard was doing his job, but creeping the hell out of me. Had to snap a pic of this 350 tucked in the corner.

IntunedIntuned Online was there taking some pretty fun pics with their large Mascot Tanoshi head.

Smart CarSic Ryde’s Smart Car.

Honda S2000

BikeOne of the few bikes present. I don’t have a clue what this is but it looks awesome.

Honda FitAnd there we have it folks. Hope you enjoyed the coverage of Importfest 2013. Stay tuned for more coverage. What? MORE?! Yah we still have two more posts coming on this amazingness. But my job here is done, now I’m just like you excited to see what Rob and Matt have to share with us next. In the meantime LIKE us on facebook, and FOLLOW us on Instagram. If you don’t you’ll make me a sad panda…



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