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Sometimes I like to break out of my norm and try something different. Every Friday night in the summer there is a classic car meet across from my work. This past Friday I decided to take my trusty Nikon and snap a few photos.

I will be the first to admit that I hardly know anything about classic cars. The one thing I do know is that a cool car is still a cool car!

Nothing like a classic Rolls Royce. This Rolls used to live not to far away from me. The new owner was telling me that the car used to be two-tone brown.

Classic badges of honour.

I will apologize ahead of time as there will be little to read along with these pictures. I’m not going to pretend I know what I’m talking about and just let the photos do the talking.

This thing was super clean. The owner gave me a smile and asked if I liked it. I made sure to smile back with a firm nod. It makes me want to grow a huge handle bar mustache.

I love the crap out of this car. The colour, the vanity plate, the low, and the wheels. Everything is pure awesome on this thing!

The one thing I love about muscle cars is that they always have tidy bays.

This beast garnered a lot of attention as it rolled in to the parking lot. Partly because it looked menacing and partly because it was super loud.

This beast might have been part of the culprit for all the noise.

Edelbrock is like the Frank’s Red Hot sauce of the hot rod world. It’s pretty much on everything!

This is my kind of hot rod. I love the mismatched wheels on this thing! I love all the little details that go into rat rods such as this.

“PRDYNPNK” couldn’t be more spot on. This colour was super awesome in person.

I would so drive this truck all day every day! The truck bed full of old signs and miscellaneous items reminded me of VW guys with roof baskets.

I’m pretty happy with how this image turned out. The lighting was pretty nice that night.

I’m also very happy with this photo as well. The lighting on the car looks pretty stellar.

Attention to details is always key. Pin striping is such a cool form of automotive art.

It was a nice break of pace to go to this little meet. Being able to see more variety is always a good thing. It just goes to show that cars and car culture will always be cool.

I have a thing for “mug shots”, sorry I can’t help it!

Old trucks are just too awesome. They would make the ultimate epic tow rig for a track car.

This is another shot I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

I don’t know why and how they went wrong with the newer versions of the Thunderbird. This old gal looks pretty in red.

Another cool low rider at the meet. Very gangster inspired with the bullet holes.

I will finish off with these two brightly coloured beauties. I hope you enjoyed this little change in pace and enjoyed the photos that go along with it. Hopefully we will have more diverse content popping up here as time goes on. As always stay tuned for more content to come!

Stay Rad!

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