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Importfest Toronto! Haven’t been to one in a looooong time. Anyways, there were tons of people there and a line to get in but after that it was up the escalators and onto the cars. The last time we saw this 370 on our site it was a white with some teal accents, now completely transformed. Really diggin’ the headlights.

One of the many body kits that completely change the FD Rx7 into something else. You may remember the Veilside Fortune kit from multiple popular motion pictures such as Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.. and yah. Sick car.

Got Chrome? Always see these paints being put to use in video games but this is a first for real life for me. Opinions?

Some neat looking FR-S race machines were present. All sporting different ‘liveries’ if you wanna call em that.

A Datsun. :D this thing was pretty sweet. Now for more pictures of it.

Rear fenders are bonkers. Also dual exhaust is pretty rad.

The bay of the beast. ITBs lookin purdy on the straight 6.

Stretch and Poke were there, having some fun with a go pro mounted rc car. There was a full rc drift track in the corner of the large room as well.

Stance is Everything was there as well. Ryan will have photos of the bagged Chevy in the next post hold your horses.

Danny was there sportin’ new rims and a #flatbrokestatus sticker still dances amongst other stickers on his rear window. Thanks for the support sir!

Peter’s stanced DMCC drift car was there on show, such a wicked car. Shout out to Peter and Drift Posse for being badass and also putting our sticker on two of their drift machines!

Level one was there with some sick S2Ks and another vehicle that was sitting uber pretty. I’ll be posting a pic of their other car when I post my TSC Hyper Meet Coverage. (little hint there to what the car is)

Pretty Aggressive looking bug eye.

Massive wing. Pretty interesting tail lights too, can’t say I’ve seen them before.


This S14 was pretty pretty. Little purple ain’t hurt nobody.

Caught this on the way out. I’m glad there’s people out there taking the initiative in customizing something unique. It keeps this culture from becoming stale and repetitive. Hope you enjoyed the coverage, think Ryan’s got more for you soon. Stay Tuned I’ll also be posting a very large TSC Hyper Meet post.



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