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Pat Cyr in his F20C powered Toyota Corolla AE86 have soo much style it’s insane. This Canadian driver participates in DMCC, XDC and has started to make his way down to Formula D in the states. I want summer to come immediately just so I can see Cyr throw this car around the track.

The last time I personally got to view this AE86 was DMCC at Mosport in 2011. That day he took home 1st place and lit it up all day. Him and his growing collection of fans (Me included) were ecstatic!

I was trying out new things with the camera that day but still managed to get a few good images on the memory card.

The heart. The Honda heart. I’m very happy he still reps an import engine in his beast. Now since he’s competing in Formula D I hope he doesn’t cave and do a lame V8 swap like the rest of the crowd.

Battle scars, wounds and missing limbs X 1,000,000.

I’m not certain on what the skull is symbolic of but I’ve got to imagine it’s a doom message to those that follow, maybe to psych others out, or something like ‘death is behind him.’ Whatever it is. It’s badass.

Good luck to Pat Cyr and Drift Posse this upcoming year! Check out their site here: and like Pat Cyr on facebook.

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