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Life would suck without friends. Without our friends Andy Reid and Lauren Suessmann this post would’ve never happened.

Last Sunday (the 29th) while Ben and I were at work doing our overnight inventory count, Andy and Lauren were out having some fun. Not too far from where we work, at the Pine Ridge Ski Resort, the 2012 MAH/TSC winter auto cross challenge was held to raise money for theĀ Ronald McDonald House of Toronto.

This orange beast took home 1st prize in the AWD group. Our friend Shawn Monette got in on the action and took home 3rd place in same group.

Like I said before, life would suck without friends. Both Andy and Lauren provided us with these photos of the event and made Ben and I wish we could have opted out of work that night. It sure looks like we missed out on a good time.

Andy and Lauren (the genesis) are two of the many awesome people that we’ve met through the local Subaru meet. Everyone has been such a big support when it comes to Flat Broke and what we are trying to accomplish with the site.

It’s people like them that make this site and what we do worth it. We’re going to make sure to show some love for their support. I’m sure a feature write up on each of them would do the trick.

The community to us is 50% about the cars and 50% about the people. Back to the 50% cars though…

Love seeing a newer Subaru taking part in the fun. The owner of it actually drives the car! I’m really digging this generation of Legacy, it would look nice with a bit of low and a classy wheel setup.

This last picture is so rad. The shark mouth and fog lights on this bug eye are just plain cool.

Thanks again to Andy and Lauren. They helped us share a story we would’ve missed out on otherwise. Later tonight is the local meet so keep an eye out for a write up on that. It’s going to have a bit of a different feel then it did the last time. Still cool cars, good people and fun times.

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