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I LOVE S13’s, really I do. There is something about the way they look. The “brick” headlights make the car look very aggressive in any situation. Even when siting still they look menacing.

S13’s always look aggressive when sliding sideways. It’s actually their natural habitat sliding around a track. I’m in love with this particular S13. The main blue colour is gorgeous plus the silver front and side skirts just look awesome. The black/carbon fiber hood and gold wheels tie the colour combo together nicely. I envy the owner of this beast so much.

The best thing about S13’s is they come in all shapes and colours.

Like I said, they come in all shapes and colours. S13 pickup, how rad is that?

I want to say thanks to our new friend Wutty for letting us feature some of his awesome photos on the site. He told me that a few sites have used his work before and didn’t give him credit where credit is due. That’s not how we roll so head over to his Facebook photography page and smash that like button. It’s people like him and his willingness to share his love of cars that makes our community great.

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